Forge Day Cookies

Strike while the iron is hot!

Delicious cookies either cut in the shape of an anvil, or brand-cooked with an anvil shape. These tasty treats are traditionally eaten as part of Forge Day celebrations every year on Midday, 25th of Feastcall.   This iconic dish was first introduced by Bramble Street Bakery, already famous for it's other-worldly cakes, when they served a dish of raw cookie dough and cooked them in front of a crowd using a branding iron with the shape of an anvil on the end. The searing sizzle of the red hot iron struck each dough ball and toasting caramelized smells wafted through the hungry crowds as a new Forge Day tradition was born.   Forge Day is a celebration of creativity in all forms, from the arts, to experimental creativity, and also cooking! Many families have now adopted this traditional treat and cook big batches of these ready for the event. Due to the technical process of making the cookies, citizens of Meles opt for the safer option of using cookie cutters to create the classic anvil shapes, however, if the mix isn't quite right then the dough will spread out into a round shape again when cooked.  

Manufacturing process

After combining the ingredients as per a normal cookie recipe, the dough balls are sometimes partially cooked in an oven before branding. It's more dramatic to do the entire demonstration without the pre-cooking, though!
Item type
Consumable, Food / Drink
Raw materials & Components
Barlor butter, sugar, Melopian vanilla bean extract, large hens eggs, flour, sea salt, Moluran cacao nibs
Cooking utensils, branding iron
Forge Day
Tradition / Ritual | Jun 8, 2020

Forge Day is a festive day celebrating creativity and imagination and is celebrated on Midday, 25th of Feastcall every year.

Bramble Street Bakery
Building / Landmark | Mar 26, 2021

Delightful delicacies right on your doorstep, Bramble Street Bakery has the freshest loaves!

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I WANT TO SEE REAL LIFE FORGE COOKIES! Please send me a picture if you make some!

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