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TJ Trewin


Member since: 14 Nov, 2017

TJ Glitched

I am a multi-disciplinary artist with a background in graphic design. I aim to use my worldbuilding as a method of learning about our world through creating a fictional one, but mostly just to have fun!
Enchanter of the Forge / Community Manager for WorldAnvil

Interests & Hobbies

Worldbuilding, pixel graphics and learning Russian

Favourite TV Series

The League of Gentlemen, Psychoville and BBC Mongrels

Favourite Writers

Robin Hobb, Joe Abercrombie, and Robert Jordan

Favourite Games

Thief 2: The Metal Age, Dishonored and Skyrim


Oli! (pronounced oh'LEE) is a sci-fi universe with heavy oriental influences set in 2718. Explore zero gravity sports, unbearably cute pets and a laid-back atmosphere - now in 32 colours!

Child Safe Cyberpunk Mecha Oriental Science Fiction

Pact Breakers

[hr][justify][b]Andras Bramblethorn[/b] has caused an uproar by tucking into an Altmer salad bar during an audience with King Camoran Aeradan. As a Bosmer he has broken the Green Pact in the most inappropriate setting and is currently on the run from...



[left][i]On the south coast of Damar, the bustling city of Haganport is on the brink of an industrial boom following the discovery of bioluminescent 'Jelly' and its mysterious properties. [br] [br] The news of its discovery has travelled to the far...

Exploration Fantasy

TJs Playground

Hello! You've found TJ's test world! This is where I test bugs, layouts and css so sometimes this place might look a bit weird. [b]The CSS / theme used on this world is not for you to copy unless I have given permission.[/b] If you want to mod...

Comedy Exploration Horror Weird

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28 Jan, 2018 21:19

Happy Birthday mate! Much love coming your way!

28 Jan, 2018 21:20

The Dark Lord Dimitris hath commanded me to present you with dark t... happy tidings! Yes! Yes... I congratulate you on your achievement of staving off certain death for one more year. As expected of you.

28 Jan, 2018 21:22


28 Jan, 2018 21:23

Happy Birthday!

28 Jan, 2018 21:24

Happy birthday dude! We love you!

28 Jan, 2018 21:24

Happy Birthday!

28 Jan, 2018 21:24

Happy birthday man

28 Jan, 2018 21:25


28 Jan, 2018 21:39

Happy birthday beratna!

28 Jan, 2018 21:53

Happy Birthday mate. I hope today is as Enchanting for you as you are for WA.

28 Jan, 2018 21:54

Happy Birthday TJ! Well done for surviving another rotation.

28 Jan, 2018 22:04

From the Socialist Democracy of Yytuskia, Kaiser Peter the Second sends his best regards!

29 Jan, 2018 05:40

Happy cakeday

29 Jan, 2018 15:57

Many happy returns of the day, amigo! May the wind always be at your back.

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