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I am a multi-disciplinary artist with a background in graphic design. I aim to use my worldbuilding as a method of learning about our world through creating a fictional one, but mostly just to have fun!

Design Director for WorldAnvil

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28 Jan, 2018 21:19

Happy Birthday mate! Much love coming your way!

28 Jan, 2018 21:20

The Dark Lord Dimitris hath commanded me to present you with dark t... happy tidings! Yes! Yes... I congratulate you on your achievement of staving off certain death for one more year. As expected of you.

28 Jan, 2018 21:22


28 Jan, 2018 21:23

Happy Birthday!

28 Jan, 2018 21:24

Happy birthday dude! We love you!

28 Jan, 2018 21:24

Happy Birthday!

28 Jan, 2018 21:24

Happy birthday man

28 Jan, 2018 21:25


28 Jan, 2018 21:39

Happy birthday beratna!

28 Jan, 2018 21:53

Happy Birthday mate. I hope today is as Enchanting for you as you are for WA.

28 Jan, 2018 21:54

Happy Birthday TJ! Well done for surviving another rotation.

28 Jan, 2018 22:04

From the Socialist Democracy of Yytuskia, Kaiser Peter the Second sends his best regards!

29 Jan, 2018 05:40

Happy cakeday

29 Jan, 2018 15:57

Many happy returns of the day, amigo! May the wind always be at your back.

8 Apr, 2018 20:16

Awh, you're Apogee's first follower! <3

17 Apr, 2018 21:03

Thank you so much for the fave! =D

20 Apr, 2018 13:20

Okay, that is a gorgeous map. I really like the almost fractal styling of it.

4 May, 2018 16:10

Thank you for the follow- and all the loves!

5 May, 2018 06:07

The map for the Brass Bowl world looks amazing! How did you make it? I'm currently looking for a medium to create my fantasy map and would love to know.

5 May, 2018 10:35

Thank you! I used Photoshop to mash up different satellite images over a map that i'd drawn :D I wanted a more realistic way of showing what the climates might be like in the world.   I'm planning on making a brief tutorial for this soon that explains the process - I'll let you know when it's done :D

9 Jun, 2018 11:35

Thank you so much for the fave!

5 Feb, 2019 23:24

Out of curiosity, what did you like the most about it?

28 Jun, 2018 05:09

Just stopping by to say thanks for reading and favoriting my character in Scaley's Crevice world (Rylfryn Everhurden).

11 Jul, 2018 23:05

I just wanted to say thank you for following my world, it means a lot!

29 Aug, 2018 12:22

Thank you so much for the fave! =D

29 Aug, 2018 15:20

Thank you for the fav :)

29 Aug, 2018 21:55

Thanks for checking out my world, Trimachae! I have a lot more content to upload, but it takes time and work. Stay tuned!

30 Aug, 2018 09:45

Thank you for the favourite and follow

30 Aug, 2018 15:23

Thank you for the follow! I hope you continue to like the things I write!

2 Sep, 2018 18:49

Hey TJ! Thanks so much for the follow and fave!

3 Sep, 2018 02:03

Thank you for the fave :)

3 Sep, 2018 09:54

Oh wow! The mighty TJ follows my world! blushes

Thanks for the heart. I'mma take a closer look at your world after lunch break. ^^

3 Sep, 2018 10:18

Thanks for Following.

3 Sep, 2018 18:23

Thanks for the favourites and follow, I appreciate it.

4 Sep, 2018 21:45

Thanks you for being my second follower, I need only other 11 and I will change my name in "Jesus "

5 Sep, 2018 18:12

Hi, love what you created. I'm just new and I'm still trying to figure things out. How did you make your world's maps. they look amazing. Is their a creative software that you used? I'm trying to create my own world map, but I can't find any software online. Do you have any suggestions?

5 Sep, 2018 21:33

Thanks for the follow.

6 Sep, 2018 02:25

My thanks for following my world. I hope I can provide entertainment or inspirations to one such as you. I am honored.

6 Sep, 2018 05:56

A little late, but thank you for adding my world to your favourites.

9 Sep, 2018 00:15

Thanks for the follow. I'm glad that you liked one of my articles, I really appreciate it.

9 Sep, 2018 11:11

Thank you so much for the fave! =D

9 Sep, 2018 21:20

glade you liked the giants. there is a slight verent to the history in the giants history section. i wanted the ogres to be really chill. but no matter how chilled they are that has limits. so i thought that maybe their patron god told them that open war would bring them to ruin. i wrote it better in the giants section. but it basically is the same just they didn't attack the giants right away. but they still brought giants to there knees.

9 Sep, 2018 21:25

i don't know how to fav.

15 Sep, 2018 15:41

Gosh, those maps look amazing. When you are done with a tutorial i will check it out to beautify Ardu

16 Sep, 2018 02:29

Hey thanks for following my world Artaaluin! I love all I've seen of yours so far and now follow both Brass and Oli. Perhaps one day we can do some form of collaboration? Just a thought and thanks again!

16 Sep, 2018 03:06

Thanks for your follow! It means a lot that you took interest in my little D&D organization corner! I have no idea how to follow you back but let me know and I will.

23 Sep, 2018 19:13

Say, thanks for the follow!

6 Oct, 2018 11:14

Thank you for the follow!

16 Oct, 2018 16:05

Thank you for following me. I let my followers decide what they want to see next relating to the world. If you have a burning desire to know something, give it a shout.

17 Oct, 2018 11:25

Thanks for following and the favorite's

17 Oct, 2018 20:04

Thank you for the comment on my food challenge article. I'd be happy to tell you what I have so far on the ceremony.

20 Oct, 2018 20:34

Thanks for the follow I appreciate it

25 Oct, 2018 21:25

Thanks for the like and follow! :)

26 Oct, 2018 18:46

I am stunned that anybody would actually follow my little pokemon world. I appreciate it a lot! Would you mind explaining why, though?

28 Oct, 2018 20:28

Thank you for following my world! :)

28 Oct, 2018 23:51

Thanks for the follow! :D If you have questions or comments about anything, I'm always open to constructive crit.

29 Oct, 2018 10:05

Thanks for the follow!

15 Nov, 2018 21:54

Hello! I've got a writing challenge for you, if you're up for it, you, myself, and the other top 20 from Tale Foundry's Forging World's Challenge.   What I'm proposing is a Secret Santa Short Story Swap!   We each write a setting for a story seed, and then we randomly get assigned each other's entries, and write a short story for that world. This isn't an official contest due to WorldEmber, but the World Anvil team like the idea and gave me the go ahead to try it. :)   Are you interesting in joining? I'm thinking of having Christmas as the deadline, and a wordcount of... let's say a minimum of 300 words and a maximum of 7,000. I'm unsure about the story seed still... Would you be up to submitting one for the contest, and then we have a vote on which one to use?   A) Would you like to take part in this and are up to writing a story in order to receive one?   B) Do you have the time to create a story of (at most) 7,000 words by Christmas?   Please reply here or message me on discord @arkansandragon#9647

16 Nov, 2018 03:32

I'm also asking you and the others if you guys would prefer a less busy month to do this.

3 Dec, 2018 06:36

Thanks for the like & follow! It's an honor! Let's rock WorldEmber!

4 Dec, 2018 02:50

Thank you for the favorite! Looking forward to perusing your articles soon.

4 Dec, 2018 04:50

Thank you for the favorite! It's people like you who make World Ember fun and awesome sauce! :D

5 Dec, 2018 22:04

Thanks for the follow, much appreciated!

6 Dec, 2018 16:11

Thank you for the follow, though it was not mandatory!

24 Jan, 2019 08:48

Top article I saw on the Family Affair competition article list, just wanted to say Orubia sounds fantastical!

21 Feb, 2019 22:57

Thanks a lot for your follow. <3

6 Mar, 2019 19:17

Thank you for your follow TJ :)

7 Mar, 2019 09:45

thanks for following my world.

7 Mar, 2019 16:22

Thank you very much for the like and follow!

7 Mar, 2019 22:10

Hey, thanks for the follow on one of my worlds. Hope you find whatever come out in the future entertaining.

8 Mar, 2019 16:40

Thanks for the encouragement! I didn't really expect my content to be ready by anyone other than my rpg group

11 Mar, 2019 21:29

Great stuff man! Thank you for the follow!

11 Mar, 2019 21:29

Great stuff man! Thank you for the follow!

13 Mar, 2019 17:06

Thanks for the attention, i hope you'll enjoy the rest !

15 Mar, 2019 22:11

Thanks for the favourite and follow! I'm just getting started in world building, means a lot to have someone enjoy it!

16 Mar, 2019 04:38

Thanks for the follow! Really diggin' the aesthetic of Orubia

19 Mar, 2019 23:54

Just wanted to pop in and say thank you for following my world (Exodus). Best wishes!

20 Mar, 2019 16:31

thanks for the follow o/

23 Mar, 2019 01:23

Not sure how you found my world, but thanks for the follow!

25 Mar, 2019 19:03

You are the first person to find me publicly, before i was even ready for players. Honestly feel very welcomed by you taking the time to look at what new members are doing. Thank you.

16 Apr, 2019 16:37

Thanks for the follow! :)

1 May, 2019 20:10

Thanks for the like and the follow! :-)

9 May, 2019 22:07

Thanks so much for that follow! It's so appreciated! You have no idea how cool it is! Thanks again!

10 May, 2019 19:51

Thank you very much for the fave and following! <3


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