New Year's Day

Celebrating a fresh start to the year ahead

New Year's Day celebrates a fresh start to the year ahead and takes place on Mornday 1st of Seedfall, the first day of the year in the Calendar.   All races and cultures across the world celebrate this day together and traditionally start new beginnings; from habits to hobbies or to starting a new job or moving house, there is always a fresh start to a new year.   The day before, people will have been frantically cleaning and preparing for this day during the Day of Order, a day to clean and organize as much as possible or tie up any loose ends before the new year begins.   In The Isles of Meles, it is increasingly common for people to decide move house on the first day of the year for good fortune. Houses in South Meles are adorned with trinkets that are added anually to the frame of their doors to commemorate events, but when moving house, the adornments are removed and smelted into one large ornament to bring to the new house, so that all of the memories can be taken along. The oldest families have the most adorned frames, either with thousands of little trinkets, or one door-sized one (depending on how many times they've relocated).   It is very auspicious to have a baby born on New Year's Day as it gives them the chance to experience life from the beginning of a year for the rest of their lives. As the calendar is the same format for every year, it makes it extra lucky.   Celebrations last all day and consist of much healthier foods than the Forge Day celebrations and are accompanied by community activities and sports such as running, swimming and Fencing.
The Jolundrian Calendar
Generic article | Dec 15, 2021

The Jolundrian calendar is an orderly system of equal weeks and balanced months.

Day of Order
Tradition / Ritual | Jun 8, 2020

The day of order takes place on the last day of the year, Setday 28th of Fireturn, and is a traditional day of thorough cleaning to celebrate the passing of the year and to prepare for New Year's Day the following morning.

Forge Day
Tradition / Ritual | Jun 8, 2020

Forge Day is a festive day celebrating creativity and imagination and is celebrated on Midday, 25th of Feastcall every year.

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