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Anvil, the unyielding lands

Named for its iconic shape, the isles of Anvil take on many metaphors of the forge.

The isles of Anvil host a wealth of warm to tropical climate zones that taper out into an active volcanic island chain. The folks here are a varied mix of human folk, Rakuwa who dwell along the coastlines, and a large population of Manavaxians who are able to tolerate the more extreme environments of the isles.   Much of the island is impassable due to mountainous regions, deep cataclysmic scars from before The Unknown Era, and the burning sands of The Nurbotu Desert.   The folk here are known for being skilled crafters and artisans; they value education and a strong arm for smithing. As such, Anvil has become a great asset to The Jolundrian Empire by providing weapons and armour to the war effort after the Empire, conquered it, renamed it, and turned it into a colony.  

Landmarks of The Isles

Shards of the Anvil
The Shards of the Anvil, also known as The Enchanted Isles, are a large volcanic island chain tailing off from Anvil's largest peninsula into the Sea of Esess.   Whilst all of the isles follow the governing rules and laws of Anvil under The Jolundrian Empire's rule, each island and their settlements have their own unique traditions and diverse ways of life.   The Shards are home to smaller population clusters, many of which took up farming of black palantains and world famous Upp dates, both of which are rich in magic-restoring Maisha which was recently introduced from the plane of Ol'Mire only fifty years ago.  
Diverse Climates
The isles of Anvil host a wealth of warm to tropical climate zones. The green horn of the Anvil is much colder as it's closer to The Aurus, and is covered in dense temperate forests. At the heart of the Anvil is the scorching hot Nurbotu Desert - hotter than a a forge!   This diverse range of climates make Anvil full of diverse folk, fauna and flora. The top coasts of the Anvil are very windy which can be advantageous to traders, but many careless folks have been swept out to the Sea of Esess. Most never return, but the ones who do come back changed.   Due to the volcanic nature of The Isles, many of the beaches host uninviting shores of black sand.
Flora & Fauna
The black volcanic sands and ashy soil in many parts of Anvil make fantastic growing conditions for Maisha-rich plants like black palantains and dates, which The Isles have become famous for exporting.   The Isles are home to many creatures, from the dusty grey Nurbotu Lions to the colourful migratory hummingbirds.  
Forge Scars
Deep cataclysmic scars carve through the landscape of The Isles and are believed to be from a time before The Unknown Era.   Priests of The Originator's Order believe that Anvil was once nearly torn apart by some horrifying event in a great battle against The Architect and his creation. Local legend tells that this is how The Shards of the Anvil became shattered.   Many of the scars are home to predatory creatures of the realm, some have never been explored due to their remote locations, but the infamous Nurbotu Scar that cuts into the desert has grown into a settlement that's a hidden haven for thieves, assassins, and outlaws.


  • Anvil
    The large continent of Anvil has a broad and diverse spectrum of climates spanning from the frozen forests of Tragur all the way down to the sweltering tropical rainforests of the Shattered Isles.   The broad demographic of folks predominantly consist of corvidans, fauns, humans, rakuwans, grukrans, and a large influx of new and foreign folk from other planes of existence beyond the rifts that opened during The Rupture fifty years ago.
Alternative Name(s)
The Isles of Anvil
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Cultural Values:
Education, artistry, entertainment
Spices, metals, crafted wares, fine arts
As part of The Jolundrian Empire, the shores of Anvil are endlessly hammered by raids and skirmishes from The Melopian Commonwealth. Anvil also faces a constant battle against piracy coming from the growing pirate concord lurking in The Shadow Shores.
Forged of the Anvil, our fire burns true!
— battle rally
Food from the Isles
When you think of Anvil, you will subconsciously think of the famous food produce that comes from its shores such as:  
Forge Day Cookies
Item | Nov 20, 2022

Delicious cookies either cut in the shape of an anvil, or brand-cooked with an anvil shape. These tasty treats are traditionally eaten as part of Forge Day celebrations!

Map of the Isles

Melior (polar centric)

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The isles of Anvil are heavily influenced by blacksmithing metaphors and are also littered with puns, inside jokes and references from the World Anvil community.   The World Anvil community inspires and motivates me greatly, and I simply HAD to have a nod to it in the world of Melior.  
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Nurbotu is an anagram of BURNOUT.

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