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A settlement in Anvil currently in the process of rebuilding after the violent eruption of Mt. Darvus.

Clement was one of the settlements in Anvil that was heavily hit from the violent eruption of Mt. Darvus on Thirday 10th Darkfall 514 2A.   It has been fifty years since the explosion and the volcano is still spewing forth plumes of black smoke and storms of ash into the sky. Its open wounds ooze death with rivers of lava that show no signs of stopping.   The eruption wiped out many nearby settlements and farmholds, causing folks to flee with nothing but their families to the safety of the Nurbotu scar. These survivors, many hailing from Clement, have made a new home for themselves and are slowly making a new life; they are known as the Nurbotu Scarfolk.   The few folks that ventured back to Clement returned to find their town almost completely destroyed - buildings crumbled, everything covered in a thick blanket of suffocating grey ash.   The high street, once a bustling place of trade and commerce, now repaved in a steaming black road of cooling lava.    


Today, Clement is still in the process of being rebuilt; the lava flows that previously came this far down the volcano have ceased (though the peak remains an active hazard). A few of the buildings remained structurally sound enough to be repaired with new tiles and windows such as the church, tavern, and guild hall - but the rest did not stand the test of time.   The rebuilding of Clement will take a number of years for it to recover, but the new designs are sympathetic to the devastating events that took place here. The lava-road will be kept as a feature once it’s safe to traverse (it would take too much work to clear it, after all) and the huge boulders of debris that fell from the peak will be kept in place as bases for memorial monuments to those who lost their lives.

Thirday 10th Darkfall 514 2A

Anvil, the unyielding lands
Geographic Location | May 18, 2023

The continent of Anvil, unsurprisingly, is named after its shape on the Auricentric map. It has a diverse range of climates that are home to many different folks, fauna, and flora.

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12 Jun, 2021 22:21

Aw, they're rebuilding <3 I like the idea of them keeping the lava road and the boulders as bases for memorials. That's so nice. <3

Emy x   Etrea | Vazdimet
1 Jul, 2021 19:13

"Its open wounds ooze death with rivers of lava that show no signs of stopping."   This is such a beautiful line, so vivid.

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