The Nurbotu Scarfolk

An outcast society relishing in a new lifestyle of self-expression and trust.

The Nurbotu Scarfolk are an outcast society that have been judged harshly by the outside world from toxic rumours, shady stereotypes, and innocent misunderstandings.   As folks of Anvil, many of these people were upstanding citizens of The Jolundrian Empire. The recent devastating eruption of Mt. Darvus destroyed homes, farms, and settlements, leaving nowhere for people to flee.   These folks fled and now live in the The Nurbotu Scar that carves its way through Anvil into the outskirts of the unforgiving sands of the Nurbotu desert. It’s deep crevasses are their own natural hazard to traverse and dwell in, and their inhospitable homestead offers little soil for them to farm in.  
They rely on outside trade from farmers like Najé Lanta to bring food to their people.   Outsiders often view the scarfolk as a group of outcasts and troublemakers due to their uncivilised methods of survival and living. Following such a traumatic uprooting, the Nurbotu scarfolk relish in their fresh start by leaving their old ways behind and embracing their self expression, equality, and new traditions with their custom lifestyle.   All of their craft and engagement relies on trading and bartering rather than coin, and values of honour and trust form a unique hierarchy within the settlers.   Their common slang is quick witted and humorous, and they use this along with hidden signs to keep each other safe whilst trading in major settlements.
  Teamwork is their key to survival - it’s how they escaped the eruption, and how they fend off rifthounds from attacking their children at night.   The Nurbotu Scarfolk are the only people to have successfully tamed rifthounds, a feat that they achieved after capturing a litter of newborn pups following an attack on Najé Lanta. They have established a respectable guard who now use their loyal hounds to defend their community from dangers and also as an intimidating display of power.
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24 May, 2021 15:03

I love the idea of the Scarfolk. You manage to paint such a strong image of their culture.

Emy x   Etrea | Vazdimet
21 Jun, 2021 12:56

Thank you!

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2 Jun, 2021 04:01

It seems like I misjudged that scarfolk from your other articles; Not bandits, just folks. I honestly thought they were evil for taming rifthounds (in the fort article), but now I see it's just like taming normal dogs; just, maybe, more dangerous/effective.

21 Jun, 2021 12:56

Yep! Many folks have misjudged the Nurbotu scarfolk as society changed so much after The Rupture, but as things progressively improve they have become a known and respected community in Anvil :D

Creator of the dark fantasy world of Melior
Latest Work:
Gauntlet - my shiniest article this year!
1 Jul, 2021 12:42

After everything I've read about these people, I really have grown to love them and their culture. wonderful work!

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