Guards of the Nurbotu Scar in Anvil famous for their tamed rifthounds.

The riftguard are an elite force from the Nurbotu region in Anvil to be reckoned with - no other city guardsfolk are this well equipped, nor are they so experienced with the wild landscape and daily conflicts against horrifying riftbeings. Each guard commands one leashed rifthound, and has their own arsenal of personal weapons that they’re proficient with.  
Rifthounds (WIP) by TJ Trewin


The riftguard of the Nurbotu Scarfolk was formed thanks to The Alpha - Najé Lanta. She became the founder of the guards after acting on an opportunity to trap and train a litter of rifthound pups.   After many grueling months of discipline, her team of rangers was successful in controlling the beasts and are now the first folks in Melior to have their own tamed rifthounds at their beck and call.   Najé checks in with the riftguard every week to receive scout reports and check up on training to make sure that everyone is at thier peak level of performance.


The rifthounds (and their handlers) are trained up in Fort Endié, an old repurposed prison from the Second Age out in the dusty sands of nowhere. The remote location of Fort Endié makes it ideal as it does not intrude upon the local space or hunting grounds of the Nurbotu scarfolk, and the deafening howling of the rifthound pups in the night does not disturb the locals from this far away.   It is the riftguard’s duty to patrol around the Nurbotu Scar and keep its people safe, and to respond to calls to hunt down other riftbeings that have escaped into Melior that may cause harm.   Their patrols are incredibly demanding, so each guard needs to be in very good physical shape and have the stamina to walk many miles in all seasons and temperatures that the world throws at them.
Overall training Level
Assumed Veterancy
Ranks & Titles
Species | May 16, 2021

Twisted lion-sized beasts with a hunger for warm flesh.

Fort Endié
Building / Landmark | Sep 19, 2021

Ruins refurbished into rugged training grounds for rifthounds in Anvil.


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