Fort Endié

Ruins refurbished into rugged training grounds for rifthounds in Anvil.

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The ruins of Fort Endié were once the sturdy walls of a notorious prison in the desolate sands and sweltering heat of the Nurbotu desert in Anvil.   Established in the Second Age, Fort Endié served as a military training ground and prison holding during the reign of The Severin Dynasty. The fort fell into disrepair at the beginning of the Third Age when all but one lone prisoner was being kept there. The military were migrated closer to the coast for training in larger establishments which made it easier for fast deployments on raids overseas.   No longer needed, it soon became abandoned as the creeping sands of the Nurbotu desert swept through its halls and eroded away at its walls.    

New life to old walls

The fort has now been reclaimed by the Nurbotu Scarfolk as a place to breed and train their tamed rifthounds. The iron bars of the jail cells are in good shape thanks to the hot, dry climate, and the rooms that once held notorious prisoners have have been re-purposed to comfortably house the rifthounds and their sturdy chew-toys.   The training yards have been refitted with obstacle courses and straw mannequins for both trainers and their hounds alike to learn commands, behaviours, and manoeuvres ready for their nightly patrols and new-found life as ultra guard dogs. Folks who complete their training here under guidance of The Alpha can serve as members of the Riftguard, or even progress into the elite ranks of The Nurbotu Guardians.  
Rifthounds (WIP) by TJ Trewin
  The living quarters are now home to a small crew of beast tamers, hunters, and cooks (who need to provide hearty meals for the staff, and triple quantities for the rifthounds).   The location of Fort Endié makes it ideal as it does not intrude upon the local space or hunting grounds of the Nurbotu scarfolk, and the deafening howling of the rifthound pups in the night does not disturb the locals from this far away.   The fort has access to a deep well which provides for its inhabitants, but crops and vegetables must be brought in by trade caravans due to the rocky, arid landscape.
Early 3A
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Military Formation | May 27, 2021

Guards of the Nurbotu Scar in Anvil famous for their tamed rifthounds.

Species | May 16, 2021

Twisted lion-sized beasts with a hunger for warm flesh.

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2 Jun, 2021 03:56

Sounds like a cool dungeon run.

20 Aug, 2021 10:48

Oooooh yes!

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I love how it's been repurposed. Rifthound training is much more fun than a prison. :D

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Thank youuuu! :D

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I love that it's a repurposed military training ground. Somehow that detail alone gives the area so much character.

You should check out the The 5 Shudake, if you want of course.
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repurposed to comfortably house the rifthounds and their sturdy chew-toys
I am terrified to ask what one would have to give a rifthound for a chewtoy, but also kind of relieved that those prisoners aren't under consideration for the position? XD That staff must be kept super busy with growing rifthound tummies to fill!

You are doing a great job! Keep creating; I believe in you!
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Yeeeeeep - the rifthounds are much more work than the prisoners, but by the end of it they're more well behaved

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