A city in Pelkor known for its canals and waterways.

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Quiet Beginnings

Lockton started out in the First Age as a small settlement in Pelkor, Anvil, that developed around the river trade of constructed canals and the ancient locks that allowed narrow vessels to traverse the multi-tiered waterways. Old maps list the settlement as Locktown, but over the 500 years of its standing it has now become known simply as the sprawling city of Lockton.  

Silent Memories

During the winter months of 127 1A, Locktoners suffered heavy losses from the seep eye epidemic. Harsh enforcement of a complete quarantine meant that the disease did not spread to neighbouring towns in Pelkor, and the disease died out completely.   Memorial ewers were made for every household in the city and were glazed using the ashes from the cremation of the thousands who lost their lives to the disease. The ewers serve as an ever present metaphor for the passing of water and life's journey within the waterways of Lockton, and a large memorial fountain of one stands in the city center that has names engraved on its sides.  

The Faulty Lock Incident

On a frosty dawn of Mornday 15th Blumecall 315 2A a small old vessel was carrying a full workforce of labourers into the city to begin construction of a new canal. The boat was overloaded with passengers and heavy equipment and entered the west lock too quickly which, unbeknownst to the captain, caused it to take significant damage. As the lock closed and began to fill with water, so did the boat, and the crew began to scream for help. The lockmaster halted the operation, but in doing so the mechanism broke and they were unable to lower the water. It was too late and the boat sank within the half filled lock. Sadly even the few passengers who could swim were unable to escape from the sheer sided walls or from the grabs of desperation from the drowning crew.   Now that the new canal has been completed, the west lock has been completely abandoned and is no longer in use.
Founding Date
Mornday 1st Hearthcall 36 1A
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Large city
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