River Khao

The natural border between Kankos and Elmaresh in Anvil.

chasm bridges
Generated using Midjourney (unedited) by TJ Trewin
The river Khao is an immense body of water that cuts down through the rocky slopes of the Mountains of Wuhke in Anvil. It's so large that it acts as a natural border between the countries of Kankos and Elmaresh, and Khao Falls is an impressive sight that has inspired many famous landscape painters.   The upper segments of the river carve deep chasms that are criss-crossed with stitches of precarious rope bridges - they're safe to use, but many folks would rather take the longer route to pass downstream by river ferry.  
"The rope bridges are fine if you don't wobble them on purpose."
— Advice from a local guide.

Cover image: Generated using Midjourney (with minor edits) by TJ Trewin


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