The 5 Shudake


It's surprisingly difficult to decide what to write about when you have the rest of eternity. But I suppose I should start at the beginning. I am Avalon Arcana, and I dream of the end worlds.   Ever since I was young this has been my gift, to follow the lives and histories of people I will never meet. It was then I decided to document everything I would learn in a book, but now that the end is drawing near, I think it is time to share what I know. Do forgive me if I cover the basics first.   The First Shudake, or realm, is the wonderous land, the realm of the gods and the angels. You might call it heaven, or paradise. Mortals are not allowed here and my visions are fleeting, but its wonder and glory bleeds through in these instants, strong enough for me to never want to wake up.   The Second Realm is my world, a world touched by magic. Gold and blue glittering lights dancing over the Siren Seas as Mermaids and sea monsters lurk just beneath the surface. Rolling hills with dwarves caves thrumming with life. Mountains that stretch deep into the earth, hiding all sorts of secrets. Plains where the Centars chart the stars and living forests that attack outsiders. It is living, breathing, teeming with life. From the peaceful Eastern Fields to the living flames of Tubl to the impassible, Frozen north and the deep, endless seas of the south.
The people, diverse in species and technology, work hard to carve civilizations from the untamed, magical earth, wrestling control of the land from Mother Nature herself. The people have been on their own since the Elementals disappeared, plunging the lands into chaos. Earthquakes raised islands in an unblemished sea and brought down the one path to Deshniety, the home of magic. Rips in time and space opened, bring with it unstable magics and mysterious, twisted creatures. Where they lead, no one here knows. Some lead deep into the past, some far into the future, and some to an ever-changing land deemed the 5th realm. Some lead to our world, the land bereft of the gift of magic.   The Third Realm is your world, Earth. Both how you see it now and how it will be, far in the future when the stars are no longer a mystery. Your world will always be a mystery to me, the quiet simplicity simmering breath a need to prove yourselves.   The Fourth Realm lies beneath us, the land of the dammed, the foul, the darkest creatures. It appears in every myth and legend, a warning for the evil and the punishments in death. The glimpses here never last long either, but the smell of burning flesh and scorched screams stay with me for days.   The Fith and last Realm is that of dreams, ever-changing. It connects the other four in the subconscious, and always different with each vision. This realm is hard to define, just as a dream is hard to remember.

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