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It was cold that night, the full moon shining down on the quiet forest, a light dusting of snow reflecting its light back up to the stars. The wind gently wove through the trees, quietly reminding all who were stirring to go back to sleep.   A shriek broke the silence, loud and piercing, bringing hell with it. Dogs barking, people shouting, torches burning into the woods in a frantic search. Sybil ran blood on her hands and tears on her cheeks, burning in the wind. Her wrists ached, rubbed raw from the ropes that wound there not two hours earlier, visions of a pyre still locked in her gaze as she fled, hunted down the village. She needed to get out, get free, to run far away where they would never find her-   A branch broke behind her, the baying hounds close on her heels. Death lingered in the air, cold and haunting. She stumbled, foot catching on a knarred root, slicing into the soft bottom of her sole. She bit back a cry, limping along as the panic flood through her body.   "Need any help?" She spun quickly, wide-eyed and teeth barred. Leaning against a tree was a man, dark skin and eyes made of fire that matched his cindering horns. He smiled and looked where she came. "Looks like you are in a bit of a pickle." He turned back to her and pushed off the tree. "I can help if you want it, But I'll want some help in return. Deal?" he stretched out his hand, grin glinting devilishly in the moonlight. Lights flickered through the trees, cut by shadows of men and monsters. She would never go back.   "Deal."
  The Wiccan are those who found refuge and power in the arms of a Demon, those who sold their souls, their lives, their very being for power and control over what time they have left. They are the outcasts, the damned, the forgotten. They are the people that rise from the ashes of their past, aflame with their new potential. Throughout history, these people have

Tenents of Faith

  • Forsake not your Demon.
  • Forsake not your Bretherin
  • Forsake not your teachings
  • Forsake not those who help you
  • Forsake not the magic that binds you
  • Forsake not your revenge
lurked on the edges of society, watching as nations rise and fall with great interest, following the teachings of those that came before them. Each Witch is paired with a Demon, the demon they made their deal with. This pairing can not change, no matter the desires of either involved.

The Deal

The gate to becoming a Wiccan begins with a deal. A Deal with a Demon, either sought out or found, either works. The deal is an exchange of power, a promise on both ends to help the other when it is needed. Some ask for wealth, others fame and recognition, others only want enough raw power to make their enemies burn. In return, the Demon asks only for devotion, for your servitude when the time comes. Most find this a fair trade, however, once a deal is entered it can not be exited unless through death.  

Where it is practiced

Wiccan can be practiced anywhere and at any time. Joining is not regulated by status, age, gender, or species. If you desire it and are willing to pay the price you are welcome to join.   recently, many have joined from the north, driven to desperate measures in the wake of The Frozen Empire and prejudice against them. Most who join only seek refuge from a cold and bitter world.
Religious, Coven
Notable Members

The Unspoken Costs

Most only talk of the benefits, what you can gain by taking the hand of a Demon and using their gifts, but they forget what comes next. In fact, many don't even realize it is a lifetime agreement, a deal for their soul. Many who join do so simply because they have no other choice and were driven to it against their better judgment.   Even beyond your life, there are other costs. It is a well known fact that Witches are not allowed to have family outside of their sisters. Husbands and wives are forsaken and abandoned, and children must be killed. If you can not bring yourself too, then your Demon will. Why this is, has not been revealed, but I wonder if this is because Demons use some sort of Blood magic that then can be accessed by the child if left alive.   Another thing to fall prey to the deal is one's mortality. When you are surrounded by so much evil, it is inevitable that you will be consumed by it. Even the brightest hearts will one day be turned black and cruel.   Many Witches report lost time. Waking up in strange places with blood on their hands and bodies surrounding them. When they ask their Demon no answer is given to what transpired or why it happened, they simply move on.  


It is true that Wiccan provides the easiest access to indescribable amounts of power. Witches have complete access to whatever powers their demon possesses, able to use them as they will. Some Demons are more powerful than others, but, for the most part, they easily outshine anything the people could do on their own.   Wiccan Magic is considered Gift Magic, handed down by their Demon. It is typically controlled by Will-power through incantations and concentrated thought. It is also well known that the better relationship you have with your Demon, the more powerful you become.


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