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Worldbuilding Summer Camp 2021

Somewhere in your setting, describe
a religious order founded or based in your world's history
A total of 454 entries

Order of Life and Light

Temple of Three Gyds

The Isoi-Ebum Sect

Order of the Coming Apocalypse, Alnea

Cailleach an Duine Bháin

The Drazari Keepers

The Way of the Toucan

The Cloister at Cloudberry Vale

The Silver Branches

Twin Ravens of Xantu

Fellowship of the Omen Garden Temple

Fellowship of the Open Palm, The

Order of the Moon

Order of Exorcists comes under fire

Oath of the New Dawn

Order of Relative Unbias

Church of Mopharity

Missionaria Erotica

Spirit Church of the Forest

The Valiant Brotherhood of True Faith

The Brotherhood of the New Dawn

The Order of the White Sun

Order of her grace Lady Siopi

Children of the Warrior

The Order of the Holy Shield

Church of the Bright Apostle

Church of the Night's Shadow

House of the Superior

The Guardians of the Drill

The Order of Shikureh

Congregation of the Moon

Church of the Black Stag

Orden der Goldenen Sonne

The Holy Order of the Monks of Hester

The Children of the Light

The Jok-rek of Kri-kik Split-Tail

Religious Group of Soandso

Circulum Viatorem

SFC - Sectional Fundamentalist Church

Keairuai: Keai's Children

Cults of What Dwells Below

Keepers of the Skull

The Followers of the King that Never Was

The church of Leo, the sun god

The Library of Sipedeh

The Auric Exemplars

Golden Templars

Knights of Rhodes

The Order of Souls

The divine healers of the religious house branch of Gendchi

Travellers of the Sixth

The Pantheon Of The Goddess

The Church of The Fertile

Vivikanese Guild

Luminous Fellowship

Worshippers of Twilight

The imperial Inquisiton

The Weavers of Symmetry

Shadow worshipers of the Devourer under the Cruorlena and Umbrarex -Prompt #17 a religious order founded or based in your world’s history

Keepers of the Tomb

Disciples of the Balance

Cult of the First Sun

Power of the Scribes

The Disorder of the Nine Necks

The Sisters Priesthood

Order of the Two Daughters

The Order of Ayeshastra

Ordinem Fortius Jucundum

Monks of Earth and Water

The Church of the Lady Rose

Das Stille Schwert

Church of the Sun God

Ordo Theographico Infinium

Hermetic Order of Saint Seraphim of Sarov

Order of the Fallen Gods

Holy Templars of Western Church

The Holy Concordance

Heiligtum der gereinigten Welt

The Keepers of Atnavinen

Giant Statue Cult

The Swords of Moqrass

The Morningstar Pilgrims

Children of Everlasting Fire

Los guijarros eriales

The Sisters of Our Lady of Justice

Elemental Spiritualists

The Circle of Harmony

Keepers of the Lead Settler

The Children of Averas

Ancient Order of St. Westal the Knowing

Az Első Sárkány Rendje

The Storm Keepers

Voyagers of the Wanderer

Church of the Just Sun

The Bright Sons

Alliance of the Three Kindoms

Universal Church of Thor Christ

Covens of the Tree

The Seekers of Ancelin's Way

Disciples of Sigilism

Dodsdyra - The Worshipers of Death

Order of Spirit Keepers

Order of the Next Empire

The Elders Mormir {English}

The Church of Coins

Le culte de la brume

Courage Sentries

Mizarin Priesthood

Order of the Knights of Light

The Church of Saint Tupaux

Queen Dasin's Order

The Order of the Silver Dragon

The Acolytes of the Axe

The Carmine Warriors

The Order of the Blossoming Almond

Cult of Hell's Gate

Nocturna Demonis

The Shàcù-za Order


Ǎtichfas Jünger

The Judicial Order of Aldwin

Worship Practices of the Kotel Race

Church of the Silent God

Dawnkeeper Order

ˈKrimzən Apoštol

The Order of the Architects

The Faith of the First Mother

The Order of the Shield

Theocracy of Krorus

The Brothers of the Third

Heirs of Rhelliganth

Edutar’s Faithful

The Feathered Guardians

The Holy Order of the Savior Gods

Order of the Holy Head

The Order of the Ivory Scale

Orden des weißen Sterns

The Keepers of the Songs

Mæisænuimam Zien Mmuk Mma

Prompt 17: The Balance

The Testaments of Aveles

The Holy Order of Ghosts

Scar storm system religon

Temples of Sevras the Weaver

The Collatory Scribes

The Devoted of Aric

Voices of Wisdom

Cult of the Horde Mother

The Order of the Founding Fathers

The Order of Dragons

The Exciderunt {WASC 2021}

Rectors of Corypheus

Children of Life and Death

The Thrainish Inquisition

The Church of the Weaver

The Creed of Ashensouls

Church of Sun & Moon

Kokrol's Inquisition

The Apostles of the Radiant

Kingdom of Corwynth

Flame of Saint Katarina

Sisterhood of the Chaotic Mother

Order of the Golden Spear

Order of the Eagle

Belief of the Red Harpy

The Church in France

Disciples of the Winged Shield

The Order of Minerva

Order of the Black Rose

Church of Erathis

Cult of Mystra's Folly

Wardens of the Radiant Shield

The Radiant Sodality

Pleasers of Corruption

Children of the Wanderer

Fpriahooai Deyun

Chapter of Holy Endurance

Las lágrimas eternas

Monks of the Blight Shimmer

The Templars of Juna

Order of The Bright Lord

The Cult of Kyrazo - By Anika Tsuki

The Church of Syrrha

Order of the Eternal Sun

The Celvic Temple

Followers of Wynn'Oana

The Sect of Eternal Flame

The Larrasu Order

Holy Order of The Five

Verehrer der Schöpfung

Pyrsic Brotherhood

The Speakers of Time

Order of the Knights of the Marcher's Path

The Church of Our God Of Darkness, Cnudhre / Elderism

The Paladry of the Skeleton Key

The Holy Order of Saints

Order of the Lantern

The Juxegite Swords

Fellowship of the Cerulean Flower

Brother Salsa's House of Funk

Hegemony of Ziggara

The Church of Solasne

The Order of the Silver Shield

Order of the Oracle's Eye

Order of the Vermilion Orchid

Floristry Mage Central

The Conspiracy of the White Raven

Disciples of the Worldbreaker

Architects of Ma'at

Keepers of the Old Ways

Valuser'ran Supremacy

Mother's Protection

Order of the Flame