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Silent Watchers

"The never satisfied"

"Prius is a planet full of mysteries, be it of natural or arcane origins.
And the Silent Watchers are here to excavate the lost, map the unknown, learn the history and understand our place in the universe.
We welcome anybody ready to devote their life, their spirit; their whole essence in the quest for enlightenment.
Sacred watchers of the past have provided us with a way to walk and expand on for our undying quest for understanding all that is.
I welcome you, future Watchers, in the religion dedicated to our god, the omnipresent.

The ever Watchful


The Silent Watchers are built in its structure like a religious guild. The way of Curiosity is a lifestyle not suited for anybody. Those with a natural knack to learn more than the average Purists and having no interest in taking part in the scientific lifestyle of the Technomancers follow the way of Enlightenment.  


Etherium's Education system gets organized by the Technomancers as well as the Watchers. Silent Watcher, professionals in their field of knowledge, hold classes in every non-technological field. Languages, Geography, Geopolitics, Astrology, Astronomy, Art and Music; teachers of these professions usually pray to the Omnipotent.

Those, who show great interest in these fields and are proactive in finding out more than the School taught, get called Fledglings, promising future Watchers.

Silent Watcher:

Silent Watchers cover many roles in their Religion; as the church doesn't want to differentiate between their followers introducing countless pointless ranks, like the Flaming Zealots did, the Religion is based in its core on equality.
Watchers are usually mature and ready to take a deep dive into research and expeditions to fill up their personal shelf in the massive Cathedral of Knowledge.

But a Watcher doesn't have to be proactive; Shrine keepers, Archivists, Librarians, etc. are all considered Watchers as well.

Silent Shadow:

The way of a Watcher isn't always a bright path. Some knowledge can only be acquired with the necessary skillset; the skillset of a member of the Shadow conglomerate. Walking the grey path these Shadows seek the knowledge of the vile and lawless.

Silent Shadows are usually Spies or Agents of Etherium holding the deceiving Eye.

Silent Shadows have access to the vast funds of their church to incorporate into their covert actions their thirst for knowledge expanding them into expansive Expeditions into the illegal realms of Prius; realms even the omnipotent can't see.

They are considered important and revered by their god as a way to 'render the blind eye able to see'.

Enlightened Watcher:

Especially notable Watchers, whose aspirations and thirst of knowledge hugely outweigh their estimated remaining life get given a once-in-a-lifetime chance to ascend.
Stepping up into the realm of gods, an enlightened watcher will leave their mortal coil behind to get reborn in a mechanical body similar to their god.
Unlike them the 'Sudo-Eternal' is not connived to be immortal, but to break down after exactly 1000 years.
However, still more than enough time to take a peek into the sanctum of the Watchers: Konesans, the artificial moon holding the eternal library, the Pool of Knowledge

Dross Hegraven was the first Enlightened, who rejected the offer of Konesans, residing as personal assistant of Terminus on Prius instead.

The ever Watchful

The ever Watchful is a title, that can only be held by one person at a time.
The official voice of Terminus; the high priest of his cause, who got to lead and organize the headquarters of the Watchers, the Cathedral of Knowledge, in a divine appropriate manner.
They are the holy voice of the church, the highest mortal entity of it.
People say, that the Watchful is the only person alive, who is able to speak to Terminus at any given moment, always getting an immediate answer.
As is the case with the high-priest of the other Religions of the Counsel, the Watchful is THE organizer of the Silent Watchers; their words are law, blessed by his shininess himself.

"The Silent Watchers won't ever finance a 'holy' mission to educate the unknowing in Stiria!
Our church's goal is to preserve history and learn about the Universe, as it was, is and will be the everlasting quest of our god.
We don't force changes where we find them appropriate out of our personal view.
We are Watchers and not the Actors altering the flow of time and space.
If it however of humane intentions assisting those, who clearly want our assistance, then it is a whole different story."

The ever Watchful

Public Agenda

Organize and make the promising planned expeditions and researches a reality.
Be it providing the necessary funds to aid as the financial base for expeditions or using their huge influence to allow the Watchers access to private libraries or getting them closer to exhibition objects if they have a theory worth looking after.

In short: Pave the way for the curious to find success in their research.
"So many promising personalities failed due to a lack of support and their near-discoveries got buried with them.
That will never happen under my watchful Eye."

You can never know enough.

Silent Watcher pendant by Soulwing
Founding Date
2671 AS
Religious, Organised Religion
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Expedition gear

With the majority of Watchers being Purists the church saw themself forced to invest into a way to protect their devotees sending them out into the world, beyond the controlled environment of Etherium.
A recognizable protective suit, impervious against claw and bite attacks from arcane beasts and highly customizable to guard against the environmental hazards of deserts, volcanos, blizzards, etc.

After many tests and centuries worth of technological breakthroughs a safe and non-movement-restrictive suit got invented, built to be worn under one's normal outfit. The minimum protection series keeps the risk of getting Taken by the Veil at a minimum.
The suit got weaved together with tiny amounts of dusted Zabrit sprinkled under the kevlar, able to keep the arcane beasts away and not cause nausea to the many arcanists, the expeditioners will interact with.
The suit had allowed the fragile community to venture out into other countries.
Wearing at least the minimum protection suit or the more customized hazmat suits and furthermore being able to identify oneself as part of the Silent Watchers will grant diplomatic immunity to the devotees of Terminus in nearly every country of the world.
Raja wearing the MPS - AA by Soulwing98
"So stylish, useful and cool!
It feels like I would be wearing nothing at all."

Watcher Raja Hiss

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