Thasma's Occult

In the year 516 3E, a new religion popped up in the city of Garton, Murtivia. Starting off as a sort of cult, the religion took over parts of what is now Murtivia at a rapid pace. However, the old one had been worshiped for a long time already, and a religious order known as Thasma's Occult was behind this. For a good hundred years, this order had been operating from the city of Garton.      


Only really worshipped in Murtivia, Thasma , or 'the old one' has been the main religion of the nation for thousands of years. Thasma is also known as the dead god, or sometimes as death itself. All that lives must die one day, and Thasma chooses when, where, and most importantly how. For the manner of your death, chooses the manner of your afterlife.    


These days the occult are a religious fighting force. Although not very numerous, they use Fount and other mystical arts to win their battles. They didn't start out like this, however. They were the ones that started the religion in the first place. It is said that their first elder, Qünar, was on a walk when he heard the voice of death call to him. This gave him such a fright that he fell unconscious. He woke up three days later, knowing the whole gospel of Thasma. How true this is, is obviously unclear. There are only a few different and pretty unreliable sources on this matter and gods usually don't show themselves to humans. But after this event, the order grew and became more influential, until they could finally overthrow the king and place one of their own on the throne. The practice of royal family members swearing into and training under the Pilgrims is still going on today. Even, after many of the Murtivian dynasties have risen and fallen.
Religious, Holy Order

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