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Age of the republic

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It's the age of the republic. The Hearthland-republic rules over four of the seven Hearthland wells and is looking to expand. The forests are still dark and full of creatures, the lands are still vast and dangerous, and the wells still shimmer in the bleak light of a thousand fireflies. This is Mithra, a land of cold tundra, to hot scorching deserts. Gleamy pine forests, to thick jungles that stretch so high, you can't see the canopy. Stretching savannahs, to the highlands in the middle of the Hearthlands. And endless seas scattered with warm islands. Welcome

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Did you like the little vignette I wrote about our beautiful continent, or more accurately, part of our continent? I'm the archivist here at Zoria falls academy and I have organized a vast collection of knowledge on the world around us. You can read everything from the nations that ruled and rule the land, to the creatures and history of the realm. I have been working tirelessly to provide you all with a vast array of knowledge on our world.

This page

This WA page is the backbone of the world I'm creating. I'm planning on making tons of written content in this world. As you can see, I have made the page into something resembling the archives at Zoria falls. The whole page is in character since it's supposed to be written or collected by the great archivist himself. Any short story or written story-like content is the exception to this, any spoiler tags with the out-of-character mark are similar exceptions. I hope you all enjoy what I've put up here.

The lands

Mithra is part of a largely unexplored continent. What is west? Well there’s a lot. What’s south? Even more. Mithra itself is usually divided into four parts. The hearthlands, the middle of Mithra, most wells and human kingdoms are located here. The North, the dominion rules here. The south, everything south of the hearthlands. And the west. The west is mostly unexplored, but many deep-malen live here, as well as some human colonies. The hearthland itself is divided into many nations. Among these nations, one stands out most. The republic.   The republic formed at the end of the third era and quickly expanded in the powerhouse it is now. It controls four of the seven hearthland wells and has the most powerful army in the region. Built on the ruins of the empire and the ancient malen, this nation has much historical value. It is ruled by the senate from Querinth, the ancient capital of the world.   Other kingdoms still rule from their ancient seats. Among them, is Stellios. Stellios has been the ancestral home of the descendants of the first arriving humans in Mithra. This is why it still harbours much of the culture and many of the customs of the voyagers.
Big Map of Mithra

Wells of power

All over Mithra, larges holes in the ground reach farther down than the sharpest man can see. Sparkling with power, like a web of lightning, colored in shades of red, blue, and purple. The wells contain immense power. But the problem is containing it. Wellpower has been a subject of bright minds for decades. Orders revolve around it, and wars have been fought over the wells. Their power, however, is not limitless. Through analyzing the different schools (categories of appliance, created by human well-mages), I have come to the conclusion that wellpower cannot break laws of reality. Magic is the only thing that can do that.