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The Capital of the world, City of emperors, City of the well, but the city is most well known as, "The city of a thousand names." Which is quite fitting. The city is built on the cliff of the highlands, on top of the largest Well in Mithra. The river, The Golden Brook. flows straight through it, after which it falls down into the lake below. The central island, around which the water flows is called the Island of the Sun. Locals call it "the sun" usually.   Splitting?
The biggest well in all of Mithra has some weird geographical features. Water usually curls around a well, which is why there is something you could compare with a Delta at the end of the river. The whole river system is quite weird and leaves researchers with many questions.
  • plaza of emperors/emperor's square
  • Wind District
  • East river district (next to wind district)
  • -acadamy -pantheon Querenth has a lot of height difference with some waterfalls in the city too
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    The city of a thousand names
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