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Academy of Querenth

The academy of Querenth is housed in one of the largest buildings in the capital. Over the thousands of years of Human history, the building has been repurposed many times. In the year 2241 3E, the academy of Querenth moved into the building. The academy had previously been situated in various smaller buildings across the city but got its hands on the building, revamped and rebuild it, before reopening as one of the largest republic academies in history.  

The Building and its history.

Much of the Hearth-Malen's history has been lost in time. Especially little things like the history of a specific building. But some sources do tell the story of the building. When the first malen arrived in Mithra, and found the wells of power, they decided to settle here, next to the largest of the wells. That is a story we all know. But what isn't common knowledge is that this building was the first building here in Querenth. Over the years it became somewhat of a palace, built on the side of the cliff on the other side of the river from the well. It was a sign of power to anyone looking on from below. But later the Palace of Kings was built and the academy building was abandoned. Some more things happened to it, we don't know for sure what, but we do know that after a while when the Humans came to town, and the Hearth-Malen had abandoned the lands, the building was crumbling and in decay. From there it has been repurposed from a noble's home into a vacant property into another noble's home. It even served as the summer house for an emperor for a while. But in the end, it was bought up by the academy and turned into the beautiful piece of learning we now know and love.
Alternative Names
Cliffside academy
University / Educational complex
Parent Location


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