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Palace of Emperors

The palace of emperors, also known as the golden palace, is one of the largest structures in all of Mithra. Construction started in the early first age, but the palace has been in constant renovation/expansion ever since. For almost 25 thousand years, the palace has been built on. The basic structure and most inner chambers are still standing, thanks to the ingenuity of Hearth-Malen Engineers and Architects. Especially the inner courtyards and inner Wellchamber have been preserved excellently.  


The palace is built on the central island of Querenth and was originally built around the central Well around which the city is built. The largest well in all of Mithra needed such an enormous structure that many of the secrets to building it have been lost in time. The central well chamber is not fully roofed except for space around the well. As one of the most important rooms, this one is directly connected to the senate chamber and is not accessible by just anyone. A lot of senators, as well as the archons and the primarch have their homes in the palace. Countless rooms and hallways are not even explored. This and the many small gardens and balconies make that the palace has been dubbed, "the one structure city" by some people.  


The capital of the world, it has been called countless times. Over the years the Palace has had many uses. But it has always been the capital of whatever nation controls it. After humans took over Querenth, the emperor was stationed here. It has served as throne for later kings and is currently the capital of the The Hearthland Republic. It is used as a guildhall for the ancient Order of the Black Circle.
Founding Date
Started around 21 1E
Alternative Names
The eternal Throne
Parent Location
Owning Organization

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