Giant Fooking holes in the ground
— Kenimar of Escotar
  "Giant holes in the ground" is what it usually comes down to when someone has to describe a well. Not that it isn't accurate, it is just a little blunt. The wells of power, who are seen all over Mithra, are immensely powerful gateways out of this plane. They emit a kind of energy that we call Well-Power, or Fount. This power is most probably one of the main three forces that "hold the plane together", however corny that sounds. But it is one of the most powerful and profitable forces out there. They are the main reason why the Republic has been able to expand this much.  


Using the power of the well sounds simple. The power seeps all over the plane through the wells, meaning that the fount is all around us
Metaphysical, Astral

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