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The great Fount or wells of Mithra are not so much a mystery anymore. In the old days of the empire, people would hardly know that they existed, let alone know what they did. These days they are quite well known by most humans and their power is used by many. Once the Yldar and made started the technology that is now well-powered anything, they became widely used by almost every rich person.  

Well Power

Channeling the power of the wells, or the Fount, into yourself to use it later is not a new concept. Neither is the concept of channeling the power into an object for the same reason. Potions with Fount in them have been used for millennia. And Crystals have been filled with Fount for a long time. But to not do anything with the power in the sense of putting a spell on it, has only developed recently. See, usually, Fount in, let's say a potion, is enhancing or making an effect. It gives you regenerative abilities or restores fatigue. Fount filled crystals have spells on them. Time-junctions, explosions, forcefields, etc. Or they are used as ammunition for a Fount who makes the spells himself and used the well-power in the crystal only for power. But what is so revolutionary, is to channel the well-power into movement. It sounds so easy and logical, which is probably why it has only been developed so recently. But well-power is now used in automatic crossbows and sometimes even airships. The cost of this, however, usually far outweighs the benefits. But some special forces or other companies use this.
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