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Disciples of the Worldbreaker

The Disciples of the Worldbreaker was founded by some of the original scientists who colonized the Dalkit 422 System . Not understanding what the cause of the destruction was, but fearful that the gravitational eddies and forces present in the system with the four suns was making at least some of the worlds in the system unstable and could be torn apart to become asteroid belts. As many belts exist, it was easy to make a the mental leap that something was causing the worlds to break up.    One of the scientists, whose name has been lost to history, formed the order and for a while adherents grew. Some places of worship were built and an endowment was formed to maintain the church and further studies of which world would break up next.    The current headquarters of the Order is on Dhanuliti as it is perceived to be the next planet that will break up.


The High Patriarch is the head of the Order. There are several Patriarchs who are usually the head of the order on a particular world or area of astroids. Friars are the local leader of the order that most adherents would have regular contact with.

Public Agenda

To understand and attempt to predict and prevent any further breakups of worlds into asteroids in the Dalkit 422 System.


Assets are minimal as the order is not very popular and is seen has a heretical doomsday order.


The order was founded by scientists who realized when Dalkit 422 System was first colonized that the extreme gravity fluxes through the system caused by the four suns was destroying the worlds that orbited the suns.

negare ruptor et mundos

Religious, Sect


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