Dhanuliti is one of the sites used as a starting point for races around the 4 stars of the Dalkit 422 system. The planet is also frequented by religious scholars and glory seekers attempting to find information about the strange monoliths that are arrayed on the solid surface of Dhanuliti. They have been tied to auras that seem to disrupt the space-time continuum near the planet and is one of the hazards that makes Dhanuliti an attractive racing area.
Several races are predominant on Dhanuliti including Strix, Vlaka, Endiffian, and Nuar. The disparity of their cultural and geographic backgrounds stems from either their investigation of the monoliths or their desire to watch or be a part of the space races. 
Chomurks and Veolisks have been known to attack both on the planet and spacers and racers around the planet. No one has determined whether they are related to the monoliths or are a natural phenomena due to the temperature and magic surround the planet.
While the general feel of the system is rather chaotic, the vast majority of inhabitants and visitors are lawful, only wanting to watch a fair but deadly space race or investigate the magical monoliths that seem to be a focus for the chaos the system holds.


Dhanuliti is a high gravity world, very hot due to it's molten core, but comprising of coolers areas that has allowed the building of domes that allow limited habitability.
Distance: 4,833,986 km
Radius: 5437 km
Gravity: 1.94G
Orbit Period: 4.17 days
Rotation: 20 hrs
Mean Temp: 518K/245C
Atmosphere: 3.17 atm (CO2 51%,N2 18%,H2O 5%,O2 4%)
Moons: Ring
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