Buckle Your Belt

The Year of Quarantine

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This area of the universe is designed to introduce the players to Starfinder and to the universe.   The initial adventure path takes place in a single star system without any access to hyperspace. This is to show how rich a single system can be for adventuring and also to keep the amount of background smaller.   Further adventure paths will start to flesh out other systems that the PCs can explore as different persona. There could be ties to this path, in particular some of the NPCs, and groups that are encountered here.   An overarching, recurring theme is the Poker Run and the Star & Dragon Yacht Club. Partial or full participation or interaction with members or officers of the club provides a consistent background and the opportunity to tie adventures into a universe that can be the source of numerous adventures. GMs can take advantage of the official Paizo material at any time while maintaining a home base in the Dalkit 422 System. A GM can create a rich and long lasting campaign that can span multiple adventure paths and multiple characters while discovering the secrets of the Dalkit 422 System and Star & Dragon Corporation.