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Vivikanese Guild

The Vivikanese Guild is a thieves guild that specializes in stealing from the rich. The more ostentatious and challenging something is to steal, the better. The guild is known for elaborate plans, scheming and sometimes also flamboyance. Usually far less prominent and in most cases far less cruel then The Forfeighted, there have in rare cases been partnerships - though stealing from the Forfeighted is also highly celebrated in this circle.

Mythology & Lore

Before the Lacuna, Senkao and her Vivikanese Guild were known for driving Urahan and Aecus absolutely nuts. This rivalry had gone far enough that even the outermost cultures had heared of it. During the founding of the Republic of Free Trade, this dislike as old as time was carried over.

Divine Origins

When the Republic of Free Trade was still in it's early days, a group of followers of Senkao found each other in the less noble part of Dagenmaw, where they started a little shrine. Since then, with the rise of Yoventen the worship of Senkao was forbidden. But when the shrine was raided, they found nothing left but a sarcastic note and a bad sketch of a set of theater mask, prompting a city wide search of the performing halls and general public frustration. The Name Vivikanese Guild stems from the name of Senkao's plane of residence:Vivikus    Nowadays, worship of Senkao is frowned upon in most places, since the intentions are usually towards harming others for one's own benefit, but not necessarily considered evil. There is even a day -fools day- where the most insane heists of the guild are commemorated by people (specifically the poorer folk) dressing up, going to the streets and playing pranks.


It is genuinely considered bad form to do crime against those who either can not defend themselves, or who will be endangered by it to the point of permanent change (in character or physical). Senkao's main commandment is to outsmart everyone, therefore going for the weak is frowned upon. Though this is only true for people who have not made any move to strike against any members of the guild. Specifically priests and important followers of Urahan "The shield maiden" Goddess of Peace and Protection and Aecus - The Even Scale are considered the best targets, as payback for outlawing the cult. Other good targets include priests of Rakkatan - The Lightdame, rich politicians and nobles.


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