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Xyvener the veiled planes of

01.01.1341 CY

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The Veiled Planes of Xyvener [ʃaɪwɛnər/shai-vu-ner] are a fantastical equivalent of our world, abundant with magic in the forms of meddling deities, studious wizards, and folks of innate arcane skills. Built for a homebrew D&D 5e campaign, the world features a multi-planar structure with elements of the DMG, a complex novel pantheon, four continents and a plethora of diverse nations. The main storyline is based on Trian, a continent whose central region has been wrecked by a massive explosion -the Lacuna- a few centuries back. Since then, the lands have slowly been reclaimed and repopulated from the remaining peripheral nations forming what is now the multi-cultural Republic of Free Trade.
As a starting location for the campaign, the republic has been imagined with both early game story hooks, as well as dangerous arcs for the higher levels. Consisting of only a sparse few but well-established cities, much of the torn land has since remained undiscovered, offering adventures aplenty for those looking to delve into overgrown ruins of old, explore memories of a time long past and find treasures of debateable value. The roads between the cities have proven fatal many times for natural and criminal reasons and there is always someone looking for a mercenary or a sale-sword to alter the political landscape for personal gain.   Meanwhile, there are signs of unrest in the Wildwood Realm. Remnants and consequences of a bygone war are endangering the fickle peace of the Frozen Planes on the north coast of the Barren Lands. The leaps in technological advance make the comparatively small-scale Cronnius Imperium an intriguing ally - or at the turning of the tide possibly an enemy to be feared. People are occasianally going missing in the southeast, concerning mostly the Verithal Alliance and the Aesean Empire. This might or might not be connected to the unsettling noises heard in the Radian Hills and shaking the adjutant mountainrage called the Needles - impassable and covered in perpetual mist.
No one looks to visit the Far Regard Illes anymore, as the local drow and wood-elf populations have been locked in a relentless war over the main island for most of the last century. Having the islands impassable effectively also cuts off Idunis Sanctuary from most of the world, since that trip now either involves a voyage at sea with extremely limited resources or a trek straight through the blazing Kingdom of Xarat where, in true barbarian fashion, violence rules the lands. Of course, everything is fine in the Ebiamel Dominion though.