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Aecus - The Even Scale

God of Justice and Law

  • The Law and its upholding are the backbones of any upstanding civilization. Protect them at all cost.
  • Defend societies of light and order against the chaos of darkness.

      Influence on the World
    While not having any direct physical influence on the world, he sends out his Paladins of Devotion or Vengeance and Clerics to do his bidding. All lawmakers of the The Republic of Free Trade swear by his name to proclaim their legitimacy.

      Days of Worship
    Since the religion is very much practiced on an everyday basis, there are no large spectacles held for him in the public eye. Generally, the halls of law hold celebrations for him on their anniversaries, or to celebrate large verdicts.

    Prayers to Aecus are spoken before each court session in Trian's central counties. Similar, his Paladins and Clerics communicate with him on the regular, and commoners facing unfair circumstances may also turn to him to ask him for help.

    Law masters swearing to uphold the law at the beginning of their career, as well as short ceremonies before difficult cases.

      Places of Worship
    Most Halls of Law have a small shrine or even access to a church for worship.

    Platinum Scales (though sometimes made of silver or even tinn, depending on the level of wealth of the owner). Sometimes people will add one to their valuables and store gems or gold on the trays to symbolize their legitimity.

    A man of various features depending on the country, but usually with two long, silver/white braids that wrap around his spread arms. He holds the ends of his braids, to which a scale tray is affixed each. He is usually depicted floating with his feet pointed and usually barely touch the ground.
      Location - Havanos
    Neutral Lawful Good

    Cleric Domains
    Order, Peace

    Paladin Oaths
    Devotion, Redemption, Crown


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