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Zuzyuta (zuzʎuta)

Zuzyuta is better known as the Faith of the Glorious Sun, the primary religion practiced by Qealin. The religion follows the sun-god Zuzyu who is said to protect and guide the Qealin.

Mythology & Lore

It is said that in the early days of the Elven races, the High Elves were unable to settle. While the Dark Elves had their shadowed spaces and the Wood Elves had their woodland hideaways, the High Elves were left lost and confused. Legend tells that when the early High Elf settlers lay on the grassy hilltops, a great ray of light shone through the clouds and glittered across the ocean, lighting their way. The Elves built a boat, which journeyed across the sea, following the sun's light, until they reached the lands across the ocean -- a grand, endless desert.   The Qealin soon discovered that these lands were barely inhabited, for the humans could not survive in its grand heat and its barren sands -- but these lands were perfect for the Qealin, who needed little but the sunlight and their magic to make any place a home. The sunlight shone over them all, a sign from the great sun-god that they were safe and looked after.

Divine Origins

Zuzyu was first cited as the Qealin God long ago, when High Elves were a nomadic species. Though stories have become muddled over time, the general agreement is that early Qealin attributed the Sun to their good fortune and ability to find safe homes, and the name Zuzyu was given by the group of Qealin who travelled across the ocean to settle in the Sahara desert.


For most Qealin, their worship of Zuzyu lies in the beauty and grandeur of their everyday life. An elf will give thanks over their food, and with every new piece of clothing they weave or buy. They will bless their jewellery in Zuzyu's name and grow decorative gardens as thanks for Their hospitality.   The Priesthood of Zuzyu hold a more active worshipping role, being in charge of major ceremonies such as birth, death, and marriage under the Sun God's eyes. They maintain shrines and temples to their God and teach the tales of Their role in the High Elves' life.
Religious, Organised Religion

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