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Tariqan School

Founded upon the teachings of noted Nuwan cleric and scholar Tariq al-Lodi, the Tariqan school has followed in the footsteps of the Temple of Nuwa wherever it has spread in Runberi lands. A cross between a religious order, a guild of judges, and a school, there is a Tariqan school in every emirate, with branches in every major city. Though they refer to themselves the Disciples of Tariq, most others simply call them the Tariqans. Mostly operating in the cities, the schools also send out judges to smaller villages to pronounce on matters and mediate disputes in the places they arrive to. As the Tariqans are very well respected among the general public, the pronouncements of a Tariqan carry a lot of weight.   Not quite priests, the Tariqans do not officiate religious events or preach. Instead, the Tariqans exist to interpret Nuwan law as well as secular, Runberi law. Generally seeking to conform the latter to the former when advising the assemblies, the Tariqans nevertheless pronounce on the law as it is written when holding court in the cities of the Runberi.


The Tariqan schools contain rectors, professors, jurists, and mere disciples. While each member of a Tariqan school is a Disciple of Tariq, each school is guided by a Rector. Its new members, those that have not yet passed all their examinations are referred to as "Mere Disciples", reflecting their admittance to the school but their lack of qualification to teach others or sit the bench at a major Tariqan court. Professors of the Tariqans guide the disciples, while Jurists hear cases in the cities. It is common to send mere disciples to tour the countryside to give them a practical understanding of how to apply the law to disputes. There is some overlap between the professors and the jurists, and most professors serve many decades on the benches before devoting themselves to teaching. Professors and rectors of the tariqans are also the ones called into the sittings of the Runberi Assemblies to pronounce on the righteousness of proposed motions.

Public Agenda

The Tariqan schools are Nuwan clergy, but in a separate organizational structure. Founded with the goal of adapting Runberi customs and laws to Nuwan teachings, the Tariqans advise the assemblies work as judges in Runberi cities. Part priest, part judge, the Tariqans pronounce on whether the proposals of the councilors and emirs are adequately Tariqan in nature. Though lacking formal power to derail laws, the moral authority of the Tariqans is significant.   Thanks to the influence of the Tariqans, legal scholars in Runberi lands are expected to be religiously educated as well, and invariably come out of the Tariqan schools that exist in every emirate. Each lawyer in Runber can recite the Speech from Her Above¬†as well as the Tariqans front to back.
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