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Spirit of the Age

512th Year of the Prophet

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Spirit of the Age (name changing whenever I come up with something I feel is more fitting) is my own tabletop RPG setting that I've been slowly adding to for about eight years. I started with a huge map, and have been slowly filling it up, mostly by running campaigns set in different parts of the world.


The world has changed in character overtime (not least because I was 18 when I first conceived it), but the most consistent themes have been the power of popular sentiment and mass belief in something (even in a magical world where individuals may be unusually powerful compared to the real world). I've tried to keep things a little bit more grounded than your typical D&D setting, which less world-breaking or monsters, but in the end the setting has whatever I feel like running at the time.


The worldbuilding has a more bottom-up focus as of late, thinking first about geography, then about the people who live there and how they would make their living, and then thinking about the organizational structures that would arise from that.


This setting also has its own dedicated TTRPG system, which can be found here.

  Content Warning: The setting occasionally deals with topics like genocide, slavery and other socially undesirable phenomena.  
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