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The Downing

The Downing is a religious order founded in the year 1431, on a small, verdant island about 25 miles off the northern coasts of Allosia, which they named Gradina. Originally founded by the family and crew of a team of four explorers, the religion reveres an entity that made contact with the original explorers while they were charting the island. The faithful of the Downing believe in Patka, a powerful spirit of the sea with takes the spirit of various water fowl. The spirit most often takes the form of an enormous duck, swan, or goose, depending on its whims.   The tenets of the religion, passed down from Patka, state that the world will be consumed by chaos, bringing a screaming end to all that is. Patka supposedly showed visions to the original explorers, proving to them that her claims were true. She offered a way out of this grim demise, however, if the explorers and their crews pledged themselves to her. In exchange for sixty nine years of service to her in the coming years, she would envelop the island and the children of her followers in a mystical down of feathers and allow herself to be consumed in their stead, floating them gently through the coming storm to the world that would come after.


All members of the religion are required to travel to Patka's home in a hidden lake at the center of the island when they pass into adulthood, which is generally determined by their species. Once there, they may choose to agree to serve Patka for the remainder of the time until the end times, or they are free to refuse, in which case they must leave the island forever. With the time of Patka's prophecy approaching, the community is extremely united, and very few choose to leave the island.   Once admitted, all members have a vote in decisions made on the island, as the government and the religious structure are one and the same.  Three of the four explorers, the original faithful of Patka, are still alive and serve as both community and spiritual leaders. One of the explorers perished, and her role was taken on by her daughter.


The members of the Flock express their worship of Patka by harvesting the many fruits and trees which grow rapidly in her demesnes. They bring tithes of these materials to her, as well as large quantities of metals that she requested as part of the founders agreement to serve her. Her faithful do not know what she does with the metals that she is presented with, but presume that it has something to do with the part Patka has promised to play at the end of the world.


The Gradinians are able to harvest a large amount of fruit and wood from their island, as plants seem to grow rapidly there. They sell these assets at nearby docks, in exchange for supplies that cannot be found on the island. In particular, they often buy assortments of metals, such as brass, iron, and steel, whenever they get the chance.

Let us be wrapped in down and born anew.

Founding Date
Religious, Cult
Alternative Names
Patka's Faithful, The Flock, Those crazy duck worshipers off the coast


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