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Mæisænuimam Zien Mmuk Mma (mæi̯ʂænui̯ˈmam ʐie̯n mːuːk mːa)

Mæisænuimam Zien Mmuk Mma, or the Worshipers of the Green Gem, call themselves Shigylites and worship what is commonly known as shigyl stone. However, they do not devote themselves to any shigyl stone, rather a specific, flawless, and, they believe, sentient, stone on the island of Gakus.   Their purpose is singular. Gather all shigyl stone shards and return them to their God, Zien Mmuk. If enough shards are returned, their God will heal and grant them unimaginable power and immortality.  
Let all Your enemies perish, Zien Mmuk. Let them be torn asunder and drown in Your glory! And let those who love You be like the flowing of the Ætheric Winds across creation such that none stand in our way.
— Prayer to Zien Mmuk


  • The leader of the group is known as The First, or Ttai. They are the only one able to converse with the Zien Mmuk and receive its commands. They are also responsible for conducting the rituals.
  • The Ttai gives their commands to The Seconds, or Mængi̊s Mængi̊s. A Second, or Ngi̊s, is responsible for ensuring that the Zien Mmuk's orders are carried out completely and without hesitation.
  • The Wytches carry out the orders of the Zien Mmuk, which usually means travelling over the world to places where the Zien Mmuk feels the influence of other shards and gathering them at all costs.

Mythology & Lore

Wytches believe that the Wytchstone is a sentient part of creation born of both Ordo and Chaos. It emerged before Ordo was able to balance the fabric of the universe. Its half-sibling, Caelus, saw the unstable anathema and deemed it the first Cosmic Calamity. It cast the Wytchstone away before it could be woven into the fabric of Aevum and Caelus.  
The Wytchstone drifted outside of the Material Realm for eons until it found a breach in the Ætheric Veil and crashed on Imnnacon. When it did, it shattered into the wytchstone shards. The Gem's core survived, however, as a flawless green gem on the island of Gakus. Shattered and weakened, its shards leak their chaos and corruption onto the land while it calculates its revenge.
Ye give thanks to the Gem, for It is powerful; For Its benevolence is everlasting.
— Prayer to Zien Mmuk

Divine Origins

Kůkæs, a Truthsayer and Rune Thane, was searching for eldritch runes on the island of Gukas with several others. While deep in a cave, they happened upon a vein of fool's gold. The group decided to mine some of it for sale in the city markets. In doing so, Kůkæs uncovered the flawless wytchstone from the lead-based mineral encasing it. He was instantly corrupted.   He approached the others and claimed that the gem had spoken to him. He said that it had the capability to bestow unimaginable power upon those that would forsake their Gods and instead pledge their obedience to it. It promised power and glory. In return, it asked only that they scour the world looking for more shards and bring any found to it. Because shards, it said, meant healing, and healing meant power. Already feeling the corruption of the wytchstone, it did not take much convincing by Kůkæs. They abandoned their faith and pledged themselves to Zien Mmuk, the Green Gem.

Tenets of Faith

  • Obedience - All must obey the Ttai and any commandments of the Zien Mmuk issued through him without question.
  • Secrecy - None must ever know of the existence of the Zien Mmuk or the Wytches.
  • Primitive living - Primitive living is required to be pure and capable of accepting Zien Mmuk's benevolence. As a result, they are unable to cook their food and must eat everything raw, including meat.



Ritual of Mutation   The Ritual of Mutation indoctrinates new Wytches. These individuals can come from all walks of life. Most are recruited from those that are already corrupted and seeking to increase their own dark power. Then, there are those who discover the Wytches and their purpose, and, therefore, must be silenced. Rarely, innocent sapiens simply find themselves in the wrong place at the wrong time.       Ritual of Divination   The Ritual of Divination is used to divine possible locations of shards. The Ttai uses an elixir of Black Lotus and wytchstone powder to enter into a trance. In this trance, the Ttai is capable of "communal sight" with the Zien Mmuk such that the whereabouts of shards may be discerned.  
"I'm worried, Saem. I haven't seen Loit in days! It's not like her to disappear."  
"It will be ok, Jesninth. When did you last see her?"
  "She was talking about some group she was investigating and something about a green gem. She said they were bad news, and she was going to expose them to the Council.   She told me that she suspected she was being followed, so needed to act quickly. That was the last time I saw her."  
"She probably just went into hiding like when she exposed the Black Magister two years ago."
  "Maybe, but this just feels...different. Not just because I can't find her, but because I think I'm being followed, too!"
Secret, Religious sect
Alternative Names
Worshipers of the Green Gem
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The Elements of Creation

Ordo, Aevum, Caelus, and Chaos are considered personifications of the elements of creation from the Truthsayer's creation myth.

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