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Serulian Religion

Religion of the Serulians. It is an animistic religion in a sense, with a few important tenets. Serulians believe in reincarnation: the dead are burried under Mother Cedars, and it is believed whatever babies are born from the trees contain the soul of one of the members who has been burried beneath its roots. The Serulians do not consider themselves a humanoid specieis, due to their special birth circumstances (being born from a tree).

Core concepts

  • The dead will come back to the living, life is a cycle.
  • Everything has a soul, and is alive in some way. We are all created equal, and as such all things deserve to be treated with respect.
  • Evil and good behaviours are our own responsibility, it is cowardly to reject blame onto others.

  • Funerary Rites

    When a Serulian dies (a rare occurence, given how long their life-span is), their body is painted in deep blue pigments. This is meant to protect the soul from deterrioration so that they may safely be reborn, as they are burried beneath the Mother Cedar in the center of their home town.


    The Earthling is an important person in Serulian Religion, as they are the only one able to communicate with the spriti world around them. They act as a diplomate between the world of Serulians and world world of sprits, be they animals, plants, stones or objects. The Earthlings must be initiated, and are part of a secretive order that spans the entire Serulian culture (And consequently the whole of the Altas).

    things to develop: initiation rites, relationship with the spirit world, conception of the spirit world, origins of the religion, conceptualisation of spirits as individuals (benevolent or malevolent, usually simple, hard to please?)


    The religion is based on the unique relationship Serulians occupy with the world around them. They are born from trees, how could they not see them, and the rest of the world, as equals? Originally Serulians had a solar cult, which was cemented through a particular appreciation of honey, but the focus on the sun did not last long (though it still holds a special importance as a powerful entity).

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