Children Of Endowment


The religion started with humble beginnings. Through the years the Nightlanders adopted this as their official religion. There is now a temple in every city of the Crimson Kingdom.

Mythology & Lore

In the time of despair, the Goddess Renaulty appeared to the people. She imbued Viessa Thezumin with her sacred knowledge. Viessa becomes the first Mistress of Elegance. The mistress in turn taught others what she had learned. The goddess returned many times to the early Nightlanders bringing with her other gods to help teach these people.   All of the gods that the people worship have visited the nightlanders except Nihilism, Aqueous, and Qobus. The last three are purley worshiped for being parents and grandparent to Renaulty.

Divine Origins

The teachings of the goddess have been written in the Origin Of Power as they were given by the Mistress of Elegance at any time Renaulty appeared to them. As Viessa Thezumin did from the first meeting so did all mistresses that followed her.

Cosmological Views

The world was created by Chaos in the form of Nihilism and gave it to her progeny with Renaulty being her favorite.


Deadly Sins: avarice, selfishness, gluttony, apathy and malice
High Virtues: wisdom, temperance, honesty and responsibility


Every day each member of the faith prays individually in private. Each week they gather with others to worship and celebrate with a night of Dance, merriment, and teachings.


Only women may be clergy in the relegion. Ceremonial leaders, teachers, interpreters of scripture/myth, and spiritual protectors are the major jobs that all the clergy fufill. To become a member one must train for several years at one of the major temples to study and learn the proper teachings. Once their teachers feel they are ready they will be ordained a Whip. All members of the clergy wear amulets the mark their rank.

Granted Divine Powers

Each Nightlander has to go through the The Elusive Spell of the Unstable Dream granting them a magical tattoo from the goddess herself.

Political Influence & Intrigue

The Children thanks to their Mistress of Elegance also possessing a seat on the Senator of Krondron giving the religion immense political power and control.

Pain is Genius

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