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Children of the Moon

May our beautiful moon continue to shine bright for the rest of time. Let us always embody its light in our daily actions so that we may pay forward the kindness Uxali showed us so long ago.
This is the oldest religion that originated in Omari and was not brought over by other cultures. It consists primarily of Oizai who consider Uxali a deity and any other folk who decided to praise the space phoenix.


Children of the Moon was created during the first year following Uxali's arrival. Many Oizai were so grateful for his help, they wanted to deify him and sing his praise for years to come. The Moondrinker clan shifted their spiritual ideas to create the foundation for this religion to grow from. Their focus was space and the moon itself. Oizai felt these were good symbols for Uxali and even believed the moon captured a part of his soul when it turned purple on the night of his crash landing.


  The moon and stars; full moons are especially important.   A phoenix, although peacocks will also do.   Peacock feathers.


  1. Keep Uxali's generosity in your heart always and pay it back to your community.   2. Give praise to the moon every night it is full.   3. Do not speak ill of the cosmos least it bring doom to us once more.


This organization has little hierarchy and strictness. The laid-back Oizai try to keep things simple and as welcoming as possible. There are only three groups:

Uxali's Voice

The head and spokesperson of the entire religion. They are chosen by all the members via a vote every five years. It is possible to be re-elected if the individual does a good job and wins the hearts of their followers. This person is responsible for organizing events and listening to any messages or concerns sent up from the Feathers.  

Uxali's Feathers

These are the priests; each one oversees their own temple and shrine. They typically serve for life unless removed for committing a crime or betraying their people.  


There is no official name for everyone else. They all hold equal ground within the organization.
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