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Uxali (a.k.a. Ux, The Traveler, The Founder)

Believed to be as old as the universe itself, Uxali is a space phoenix who became the main creator and highly praised deity of Omari. He is the only phoenix type of his kind and has never met another like him. Uxali does not know when he came to be; one day he just "awoke" in his large spectral bird form in the middle of space. Some theorize an unknown higher being took a bundle of stardust and breathed a dying wish into it to form his body. This also bestowed him wondrous powers and the desire to explore the vast expanse that laid before him upon awakening.    When the Oizai discovered Uxali, he had been flying over their planet when an asteroid clipped his side. This damaged one of his wings and he began falling to the planet's surface. He managed to recover for a brief moment, but grew too weak and he eventually crashed into the Oizai's native island. Anyone observing the night sky on that day would've seen a streak of brilliant light travel a large stretch before blinking out of view. On this night the moon grew brighter and took on the purple hue its known for today. This incident caused Uxali to leak a small pool of his magic which was seemingly absorbed by the moon.     These small moth people helped him recover and while he took time to rest on their island, he learned of their looming fate. Their island was on the verge of sinking and they had no where safe to go. To show his gratitude, Uxali gathered several deities he met and befriended before now and they made the Oizai their new home: Omari and its surrounding islands. As a final gift, he blessed the Oizai with magic and made them a larger, sturdier species. As thanks for saving their home, the Oizai rightfully named Uxali their creator god and associated him with not only new beginnings, but the moon, knowledge, and exploration as well since he told them many stories of his travels and discoveries.

Divine Domains

Travel, Creation, Knowledge

Divine Symbols & Sigils

A peacock feather, Phoenix Figurine ,
Divine Classification
Light gray and iridescent
Short, purple undercut
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Dark navy blue with luminescent, starry "freckles" resembling the night sky

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