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The world of Omari consists of its main, central land mass and six islands that surround it. Two islands lie to the north, two islands are to its south, and there is an island each to the east and west. It's a lush, thriving land with many varied ecosystems, cultures, and secrets. Omari is a place of acceptance, camaraderie, learning, and adventure. Only those of more lasting life spans are familiar with Omari's more...seedier past, but the finer details are still lost even to them. There are hushed tales whispered among the younger generations of long forgotten wars and maybe a boogey man or two. Many tend to shy away from the ancient ruins that are scattered through the lands; mainly from fear of the unknown, but also in part of dreading the potential to awaken something vile.   Prejudice has long been abandoned in favor of everyone coming together to work and live as a diverse group who can learn and grow from each other's differences. Even the once guarded and distrusting Drow who inhabit the continent's massive Underdark network grew to frequent the surface more often and allow friendly visitors. This massive collection of shared knowledge aided by numerous partnerships allowed for a fast advancement in Omari's technology. It is a land of a modern era that has exceeded the people of many nearby worlds.