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The original inhabitants of Omari. They are humanoid moth people.

Basic Information


They are essentially "human-shaped" moths. Before Uxali blessed them, they were quite small, almost pixie like in nature. Now their size range is that of the average human. Their entire body is covered in fuzzy, moth "hair". Two large moth wings adorn their backs and two antenna sit atop their heads. They have two compound eyes consisting of many smaller eyes. Their mouths are on the smaller side and contain a set of petite fangs and pointy teeth.

Genetics and Reproduction

Oizai reproduce sexually with a gestation of six months. They lay between one and three eggs which are then kept in an incubator with a magical ward. After another month, the eggs hatch. They have no "larval" stage and hatch as baby humanoid moths. They mature at the same rate as humans.

Growth Rate & Stages

They start as an egg, and hatch fully formed. Oizai mature as fast as humans, but have a longer life span. On average they live between two and three hundred years.

Ecology and Habitats

Oizai thrive in moderate temperatures and prefer to make their homes and cities in forests. They can survives a wide range of conditions, however, due to Uxali's blessing making them more sturdy.

Dietary Needs and Habits

Although technically able to digest regular meat, Oizai much prefer smaller insects, fruits, and vegetation. They have the tech to grow their own food and with Omari's ever growing technology, are able to store it with no issues.

Additional Information

Geographic Origin and Distribution

They originally were centered around the main island of Omari, but have spread throughout the years. They usually shy from the two northern islands and the western island.

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

Due to their complex eyes, they have a higher range in perception of the color spectrum (nearly as high as a mantis shrimp). Their hearing is fairly average, though their bodies are more attuned to vibrations, no matter how faint. (The wings and antenna are the most sensitive to vibrations and similar sensations.) Part of Uxali's blessing included access to magic. They are more attuned to it and prefer to incorporate magic into their day to day lives. This line of magic gives their species the ability to perceive UV light as well.

Average Height
Average Weight
100 lbs

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