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Aunur Worshippers

We do not worship Dragons. They are powerful, yes, more than any of us of the Mortal Species could ever be. They are the Guardians of Our World, and deserve our respect and fear. But everything and everyone in this world of ours is made of, a small part of, Grand Spirit Issielori. If we were to worship anyone, it would be Them. But worshipping them would also mean worshipping everything that's part of Them, which would mean that we'd have to worship everyone, even ourselves, and everything, even pebbles and specks of dust. So we worship everything and nothing, and nothing above everything else.
But to understand why Aunur Worship emerged within the Meneri, you need to understand and appreciate their shared history. Alova rallied people to save Aunur. As a reward, Aunur made a pact with Alova and the people led by him as well as their descendants, to always come to their aid in their time of great need. While Aunur hasn't shown up to help too often, the promise is there. It's part of history. So it is not difficult to see why some people would use that as a source of reassurance.
While Aunur Worship is an organized religion, it has never gained mainstream following. Even now, most people still refer to it as a cult. But the Worshippers have always managed to find and train the Augur, the chosen Aunur summoner, for their duties, and the priesthood is known for all the good they've done to the Meneri people. And if you ask the Worshippers they say that despite their name they don't worship the dragon Aunur, they worship the promise and the entity that gave it, as well as the special bond between this entity and the Meneri people. Said entity just happens to be a Dragon.
Religious, Organised Religion


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