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Nature's Children

We may not be enduring and long-lived like the trees, but Nature loves us all the same.


Nature has always been the only source of life. Home, provider and judge of every sentient being. Our ancestors did what they could to understand her, but they continuously failed.   That's why she sent the Emissaries. According to the old tales, she just put them there, in the middle of the plaza that would become the first temple. They spoke with strange words, and freely used the powers that our ancestors had always thought unnatural, and affected events that only Nature was able to manage without causing havoc.   They agreed to stay in Lien, first to help, and eventually to explain the right way to use the powerful words to earn Nature's favor instead of offending her. One day they simply said Lien was ready to establish and manage their own rules and government, and soon they continued their journey, probably to teach in other worlds.
  These days the temples are usually empty, but whenever it's necessary, a scientist or a percipient acts as a modern emissary. And Nature is pleased with us.   Historians say it's all a myth invented by a group of Travelers who wanted to impose their own rules because they thought that was the best, and used our ancestors' superstitions to manipulate them. We don't totally disagree.Our ancestors knew that the Emissaries were ordinary creatures, and we understand that they may have been pretending. It doesn't mean that their lessons were untrue. Thanks to that knowledge, today we can live close to Nature without being afraid. That was their role in The Biosphere.   People find it hard to understand how our beliefs stand and we stay reverent towards Nature despite all our scientific knowledge. It's quite simple, though: the more we know about Nature, the more powerful and wise she proves to be.


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The Nature's children are one of the founder members of The Society, that doesn't mean they are interested in rule it or that they always listen the general advice. In any case, they are always supportive with other Affiliates.


Members of The Guild are not welcomed in Lien, and Nature's Children disapprove their ways. The Guild wisely stays away.

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Author's Notes

I can't imagine why Gretze is writing a document for the Community, but this has to be from a Lienita POV, and Gretze is my favorite among them.
Only a Nature's child could see the future without being scared, greedy or confused.

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