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Lutahi's Trading Guild

Under Surveillance
This organization and the majority of it's members constantly break the laws of Gehi and The Society, but are supported by the Ludahi's authorities and hide their crimes efficiently.

Gehi's monarchy tries to keep neutral relations with us, they won't allow us to directly intervene in Lutahi's internal situation but they won't protect them if they are found committing a crime in other world.
    The local Trading Guild of Lutahi accepts any kind of merchant in the state city and the neighboring villages including the odd legal trader, but their main purpose is to facilitate the traffic of magic, people, and illegal technology.   The leaders and founders are well known business and traders, often with a good front to hide their real activities, and they take part of legal organizations on the area, but those organizations don't have real power: the Guild's elders do.   Rules are established and modified democratically in regular meetings, but the elders are the ones who write and interpret them. They have the control on the Guild resources and their personal power and wealthy is enough to terrify their enemies.

Technological Level

The guild, and Lutahi in general, are more advanced than other people in Gehi, thanks to the technology they steal or buy from other worlds.

Trade & Transport

Several of the traders use magic to transport products and people, but the Guild also works side by side with the local government to keep the roads in good state, and they either buy or chase away any security team sent to the borders.

It's suspected that they control Puerto Espacial, and even if they don't they have the means to trick or buy security and use the port freely for smuggling objects.

Financial, Merchant League
Alternative Names
Lutahi's dealers, The Barters
None. They use a barter system.
Controlled Territories



The Society can't interfere with their actions in Gehi (unless it is under the local terms), but often acts against the Guild in other worlds.


Members of The Guild are not welcomed in Lien, and Nature's Children disapprove their ways. The Guild wisely stays away.


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