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Idob chasers' town

Currently Disbanded 
After decades under surveillance and several unsuccessful attempts of stopping the authorities of this nomad town, we didn't take part in it's destruction.    Currently, in association with the Transporters Fleet, we keep an eye open to prevent the foundation of a successor.
  A group of metal and weapon traders from Lutahi decided to try luck searching minerals at Green Sea. They established close to a volcano, but were soon relocated by the Transporters Fleet right before an eruption.

Soon after, they obtained the support of an illegal Trading Guild and the guidance of some Green See inhabitants, to build a floating town that would permit them to go from one volcano to the next, following the eruptions to have a better opportunity of collecting raw material to work with. 
With time, they developed a way to use the volcanoes energy and temperatures in their refining and building processes, and became the only local town that mixed activities in land with a floating habitational town —or prison, for their slaves.   The disappearances of two villagers in the last place where they settled, raised suspicion against them and they were warned to leave. They refused, without knowing that would be their end. Only the slaves, weakened and obvious victims, where spared —and later, received medical attention and the chance to restart their lives.   The lost villagers weren't among the slaves as suspected. The unconfirmed rumour is that they came back days later, confused but unharmed. Lutahi's Trading Guild claims it was all a plot against them, a group of slaves is suspected to have something to do with it. The Society protects them to prevent retaliation.


While the security team was originally designed to repel external attacks, and the armament was carefully picked, soon they came to understand that their neighbors weren't interested in robing or confronting them, and they focused resources and space in keeping the slaves on check and increase the production. The bulk of the armament remained in the floating city storage, but were ignored and soon forgotten.

Industry & Trade

The first goal of the traveling city was to explore the volcanoes and surroundings looking for minerals to extract. They immediately discovered that it would be easy to extract and refine several highly sought after materials, but the main focus went to the production of refined idob and objects built with it (weapons, tools, chains...).


  • Mining equipment
  • Tools —and some materials— for the construction of volcanic forges
  • Water filters
  • greenhouses
  • Fishing & hunting equipment
  • Standard commodities for the members of the guild and the security team

714 Co

Founding Date
652 Co
Alternative Name(s)
Mining fleet, Cehi's fleet
Inhabitant Demonym
Location under
Owning Organization

Hired miners
Slave miners
Hired Security
Authorities and other members of the Guild
Hired engineers from Green Sea


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