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The strongest material known is also one of the most difficult to find. in its solid state, it looks similar to the volcanic glass that can be find in almost every world, but is considerably stronger.  
Fake Idob
Materials containing a high percentage of Idob and other volcanic minerals, are pretty strong too. Black, white and green Idob are the most valuable, because they are also easy to manipulate. Of course, naming the mineral after its color makes it the easier for the scammers, who sell fake idob that has the right colors, but not the right properties.
Refined Idob
To get idob free of impurities, you need to either find and gather it in is liquid state before the eruption of a volcano, or melt Fake idob and evaporate other elements. Some specialized forges in the Eleventh World of Grista and many skilled magic wielders can do the latter in safe environments, but many producers rather risks their lives trying the former.

Both fake and pure idob are produced in the volcanoes of Green Sea, but fake idob is easily exported to several worlds all around the universe. With the proper tools and skills, some obtain refined idob from it. However, idob harvested from the volcano has a particular tone of pink while idob extracted from fake idob keeps the color the compound material had. That makes some buyers wary of the latter, in case it isn't totally pure.

Storage and distribution

Fake idob is often molded in bricks or rods, and sold as a construction material. Weapon manufacturers melt it or cut it according to their needs.   Refined idob is kept in is liquid form in special barrels (whether magically altered or as part of a complicated machinery) until it's used as part of a structure or item, because it's easier to keep it that way than melt it back to change it's shape.   For that reason is not common to find people who works with this material out of Green Sea , except on the Eleventh and Thirteenth worlds of Grista. Some artisans in Zohmi are able to manipulate the material, of course, if it is provided to them.
Boiling / Condensation Point
Melting / Freezing Point
1497 ºC
Common State
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Author's Notes

While refined Idob is the one that they save in barrels (Mapvember prompt), the real discovery here is the fake idob (which is not really fake, is it? Who was the mean person who gave it that name?)

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