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Green Sea

While Green Sea world is 98% covered by water, and the ocean is so cold that it's only inhabitable in the deeps, there is a volcanic island arc that goes from north to south pole. All volcanoes are active, even if they seem dormant for a couple of decades between eruptions. There is always one of them erupting —or more—, and the whole island (none of them too big) is reached by lava sooner or later.  


The aquatic ecosystems are quite varied; from the abyssal forests that no human has ever visited, to the coral city close to The Two Xaras, there is place for any size of creature.   On land, there are two main kinds of living beings: relatively new terrestrial species, and ancient amphibians. Not many of the latter are categorized as plants. But the most fascinating creatures in the volcanoes are those species categorized as volcanic, most of them only exist in this world, some are endemic from a particular island.
There are not many changes in the depths of the ocean. They have their own way to measure time there. Probably.   As for the islands, life close to the poles is affected by the periods of light, but the major source of change is the volcanoes' mood. Whenever one of them awakes migrations start, and those who don't leave on time... well. Some could even become extinct, others are able to take the heat. Even if everything dies in the area, life starts over after a while, usually because some species moved in when their previous habitat decided that it was ready to spit lava.

Natural Resources

Green sea is a very rich planet. Not only with fertile soil and reliable sources of geothermal energy, but with strong materials and superconductors. Most of the locals only show interest in those easy to manipulate or extract, because there are enough of those to satisfy their needs and export to allied worlds.
The best time to harvest minerals on land, is right after a volcanic eruption, but that has its dangers. The ocean is generous too, but only for those who know where to look.
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