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Worldbuilding Summer Camp 2021

Somewhere in your setting, describe
an inhospitable region or geographical landmark
A total of 577 entries

The Sea of Shade

The Prism Pillar of the Howling Vale

The Island of Infernal Sands

Welcome to New Babylon!

The Tinted Marsh

Blistering Burrows

The Tinta Tamna Wilds

Northern Jangobi Wastelands

Earbour Province

Whispering Greenwoods

Kyanitian Mountains

The frozen backbone

Vibbbura Stomping Grounds

The scorching marshes

The Atoirelan North

Northern Thedoeden

The Great Expanse

The Kosh-tor of J'rush Tangle-bill

the frozen wastes

The Great Ocean Gate, Earth

Lake of the Dragon's Stomach

Í Gularë du Kvÿskva

The Ember Isles /The Bloody Islands

The Great Barrier Mountains

Heights of Horyon Range

Mountain Ash Grove

Sewers of Dontgotherecity

The Sandscape of Estras

The Northern Sea Cliffs

The Festering Basin

the Great Scar in the Wilds of the Northwest - Prompt #11 In Region or geographical landmark

The Desert of Desolation

The Tanneries, Akorros

Soul-Breaker Islands

Miasmatic caldera

Region: Island of Dead Ichor

Secondary landing zone

The Poisoned Ravines

The wastes of Mirvania

The Everdying Forest

The Desert of Shian

Firen Volcanic Range

The Scarred Lands

The Wastes of Kingdoms

The Decaying Expanse

Voyage to the deeper galleries

The Southern Tundra

Ildonian Far Barren Coasts

Jörreg's Plane of Air

South Ridge Marches

The Necromantic Wastes

The Maw of the Sea

Itzaiitai Plateau

The Leaking Caverns

Gafahraz Mountains

Serpentine Mountains

Tat'ra: The Plains of Southern Tuhra

Ignis - Plane of Fire

Fiery Frost Mountain

The Forest of Megafauna

Ratr Isva Wasteland

Darkeast River Delta

Kininey Forest Expanse

The Terralesque Desert

Thundery Mountains

The Lord's Throne

The Foothills of Jorim

Basse Dokeshvanie

Dimension hyperspatiale

The Deserts of Haraq {WASC 2021}

Dunain Mountains

Bulhenian Mountains

Par delà les murs

The Burning Arm of Lorthal

Transatlantic Crossing

Cilostratan Expanse

Den gömda stadens berg.

The Blighted Lands

El arrecife corrosivo

The First Silent Pocket

The Whispers of West Barisea

Sacred Site Neripha - Under construction

Niil'vrai'kiin Jo'saahish

Beneath the City of Baron's Point

Báisaisling Foraois

The Barren Desert

Bloodstone Mountains

The Rimal Suhra Desert

The Badhills of North

The Ravaging Wastelands

The Land Bridge

Marais Sombre-Racine

The Lost Cold: The Location

The Basin of Mt. Gersio

The Frozen Wastes

The Desert of Tears

The Southern Sands

The Howling Mountains

Belaya - die Weiße Wüste

The Zamrudi Isthmus

The Uequi Rivers

The Red Forest, Ukraine

Death Furnace desert

Prompt 11: Icey Barrens

The Sulphurous Sands

Island of the Damned

Relay Station 315

Continent of Sin and Abomination

Hall of the Gods

The Dhanuliti Triangle

The Southern Wildlands

The Sword's Woods

Rigkair, le Vallon du Silence

Howling Ice Glacier

The Sea of Echoes

The Dragon Graveyard

Kylmävikk Desert

The Tovor Badlands

Zeribian District of Çarimbal

The dark montains

Artillery Testing Zone

Moerassen van Brodan

Säulen der Einsamkeit

Ami Psalma: A singing Desert By Koraki S. Kanosis

The tunnel graves

The Depths of Safeharbor

The Wilds of Saumai