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The Far North is the colloquial term for the landmass of ice that sits on the northern pole of Totania. Its name is often something else depending on who you ask, though the term most people use is the Mishan term Moroza, meaning of Frost.  

The Final Continent

In Totania, there is often discussion of four continents. Elone, the Eastern Continent is most often discussed when continents come up, alongside the western counterpart of Udai. The Southern continent of Shafai is seldom brought up as often as the others, and even less mentioned is the Northern Continent. The name. of this continent is unknown, as most records from its residents in the former The Giant Kingdom are lost to history once it was sunk into the ocean.  
Moroza, however, is often cited as the fifth continent. This is in some ways true, though in others it is an exaggeration. Moroza is not a continent, as it does not have an actual central landmass, instead being a large mound of ice that connects some small bits of land that may be somewhere under the frost.
Janusz Lisi the Fenn by Jarhed

Unlivable Conditions

Very few people who are not of the native races to Moroza (listed on the sidebar) can survive in its climate.
The most difficult part of Moroza for most residents is the cold. Most races are not built for the cold, and are known to freeze to death. For this, some civilization has been built, but more often Morozan residents have had to adapt or die.
Another inhospitable aspect of Moroza is the icy floor, which can crack with one wrong step and break under the feet of those walking on it. Non-native have been known to die most often to these, and children are often trained quickly to navigate them so they do not befall the same fate.
Moroza is also known for Icecanoes, or small mountains that shoot out cooled air. Anything caught in the blast of an Icecano is normally frozen solid instantly, though Mishans and Ice Jinn have a tendency to survive it due to their builds supporting the cold more than other races.
Guyug the Wolfman by Jarhed
Snowstorms are relatively common in Moroza is well, but it is due to their counterparts that the Fenns are able to live. Firestorms are a strange occurrence in Moroza that happen more often that one would expect for a land made of ice. They happen just high enough off the ground that the icy floor of Moroza does not melt, and they are known to keep residents warm.
The least known danger of Moroza, though, is the leeches. Leeches that burrow their way through the ice, hiding until someone passes that they can latch onto. When they do, they are known to first suck the blood of them. Then, after the blood is drained, they will begin to eat the body entirely. Leeches the size of a Human's pinky toe have been known to eat Frost Giants. Overall, due to this, Moroza has been listed as one of the worst places for people in Totania to live (outside of the swamps the Lizardfolk try to live in).

Morozan Races

Moroza is home to many races, often of the Beastmen variety. However, they are not all Beastmen.
Boris Nesti the Mishan by Jarhed
  First among them is the Mishans. The Mishans are the main civilization on Moroza, and are known to resemble large, humanoid bears. They have a culture of drinking and enjoying the cold, which they do in little clothes as, unlike most races, they are not affected by the cold and actually find great pleasure in the chilly weather.   Next are the Mishan's companion race, the Fenns, a race of foxlike people who have been allied with them for much of recent history, but have a history of rivalry with the Mishans as well.   The third race is the Wolfmen, a nomadic horde known for raiding the few settlements that exist on Moroza. Their nomadic lifestyle was made to adapt to the inhospitable climate Moroza is known for, and has suited them quite well.   The Wolfmen are often joined by Frost Giants, who tag along with their hordes to hunt. The Frost Giants migrated after the sinking of the Northern Continent, and those that moved said that Moroza suits their needs far more than the other continent ever could.   The Ice Jinn are sometimes spotted in the Far North. They are a rarer sight, as they are not commonly born, and even rarer do they travel from their plane of existence to Totania.


Moroza is not entirely terrible, though. It is known for having abundant (although hidden) resources.   Many have questioned the logic of their main export, yet somehow the various ice mages that live on Moroza discovered a way to grow crops in the ice. They manipulated the ground of Moroza with their magic enough that it now holds nutrients that can foster the growth of various special plants.
Fjord the Ice Giant by Jarhed
  The most notable of these plants is the potato, the center of all life on Moroza and the foundational ingredient in most recipes. Another plant it is known for is the svekla, which those non-native to Moroza would misidentify as a beet. Sveklas are, however, different, as they have the special property of producing warmth to those that eat it.   Another export from Moroza is its ice. For much of Totania, ice mages are incredibly sought after as merchants for selling ice for beverages and food preservation. Moroza, however, is full of it, and merchants that are brave enough to attempt to trek through Moroza to get it can bring it back. Few have travelled to Moroza and survived though, so it is unlikely for them to actually get ice from the Far North.  


Travel to Moroza is uncommon and often frowned upon, as so few people that go there ever survive. It is more likely to see posters warning people not to travel to the Far North than it is to see people actually wanting to go there.   Statistics indicate that .02% of travelers ever return from Moroza, and those that do never travelled very far. Leaving the coast is often considered a death sentence, which is why the Temple of a God that sits on Moroza is that of the Queen over Ravens. Her followers are often the only ones to know how to navigate Moroza to get there, as they hold no fear for their death.   This rule of not traveling mostly applies to the residents of Moroza as well. Mishans and Fenns normally don't even leave their settlements, while Wolfmen and Frost Giants really only travel around the continent. Leaving is difficult, and they also have superstitions about the other continents. The Frost Giants claim that the other continents could also sink, as theirs once did, which scares Wolfmen enough to not risk it normally. So the races of Moroza live in their terrifying land, because it is all they believe they have.

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