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The Eastern Continent

The Eastern Continent

Elone is the Easternmost continent of Totania. It is often the center of world events, which is normally not a good thing for the residents of the continent. Elone is the largest landmass in the world, as well as the most populous one.  

Races of Totania

Totania has many species that reside on it. Of them, there are some with much more influence than the others. These species are:
  • Humans
  • Elves (High, Wood, and Dark)
  • Draconians
  • Dwarves
  • Emetians
  • Kamejin
  • Ophidians
  • Goblins
  • Gnomes
  • Halflings
Other species live here, such as Half-Elves and Korvians, yet they have no major established locations where they reside, and more of them either live somewhere else or don't have a place of residence at all.

Western Elone

The largest chunk of Elone, western Elone is generally defined as anything west of the Uncharted Desert, even including in some definitions areas above and below, but nothing east of, the desert.   Most people residing in these lands call it Central Elone, or even "the Center of the World" due to the many influential civilizations that reside in the land. This is a reductive name that ignores the rest of the world, but it cannot be said to be entirely incorrect due to its prominent place in world politics (a position it often forces on the rest of the world).   Often it can be divided into three regions: Northern Elone, Southern Elone, and Coastal Elone.
Central Elone
A Map of the Majority of Elone along with the easternmost Portion of Udai.

Northern Elone

The Northern region is filled with plains and hills, inhabited by Goblins and Humans, while the center of the continent is a mountainous region. There is also the Elven forest, where many of the Elves live. Beside the Elven forest to the East is an expansive desert, and to the west a mountainous region populated by Dwarves.   Some geographical features of Northern Elone include:
  • The Dwarven Mountains- Multiple mountain ranges that span Dwarven territory.
  • The Dark Elven Cave- A cave that leads deep underground, to tunnels populated by Dwarves, Dark Elves, Slime, and Goblins.
  • The Northern Islands- An archipelago of islands that is actually not islands, but a continent that was sunken under an artificial ocean by the Goddess Selene.
  • The Perilous Path- A bridge that connects over a large body of water in the city of Perilun.
  • Lengenmold Valley- A valley in Dwarven territory that is the source of the Elone River.
  • Elone River- A long river that goes from the center of Elone up into the Northern Ocean.
  • Kipmar Pond- A pond best known for its prime conditions for sailing.
  • Skull Bane's Rock- A large rock. Many who have fought around it have found themselves inexplicably falling into it and smashing their heads on it.

Southern Elone

The southernmost part of the continent is a mixture of these terrains, with plains, mountains, coastal areas, and forests.   The Elven Forest takes up much of this area, as well as other landmarks like the poisoned Tamd Peninsula, Lashmur Lake, and the floating city of Zephys, where the Draconians live.
  • The Elven Forest- An enchanted forest at the center of the continent, populated by Elves and many other bombastic flaura and fauna.
  • Zephys- The floating city, inhabited mostly by Draconians, where the Magic College sits.
  • Lashmur Lake- A lake that borders the two Draconian villages of Ealla and Evity, where it is believed that a giant sea monster lives.
  • The Draconian Villages- The major settlements outside of Zephys, independent villages with some affiliation. These are Bortan, Evity, Ealla, Tamd, Yirthum, Waire, Dembar, and Ilder.
  • The Poison Peninsula- A peninsula coated in alchemically perfect posion, keeping the Draconian village of Tamd sectioned off from the world. If one were to step foot on it, their skin would absorb a lethal poison mixed together over thousands of years.
  • Votarra Den- A cave where Goblins reside, on the edge of the Dwarven lands.
  • The Uncharted Desert- A large desert filled with many unknowns, the only certainties of the desert are Gnomes, Emetians, and Brown Dragons.

Coastal Elone

On the west of the continent is a coastal land controlled by three major organizations. For most of it, the Kingdom of Man retains its grasp on the north, while the citystate of Alzirgos controls a portion in the center. Finally, there is the southwestern tip. This is where the World Court lies, and creates/enforces the laws of Totania.   Some geographical features and settlements of the Southwestern portion of Elone are:
  • Stallbourne- A thin, ringed city surrounding a lake.
  • The Marshal- At the center of Stallbourne Lake, a small island housing a large building.
  • The World Cell- A large island off the coast of Elone containing a gigantic prison. The shore is incredibly rocky. Four smaller islands surround it, with large towers.
  • Alzirgos- A citystate on the edge of the Ethereal Bay which is known for its diverse culture and famous, promiscuous religion..
  • Vitroveil- On the other side of the Ethereal Bay, a city known for having no laws, a criminal paradise.
  • The Ethereal Bay- A bay filled with mist, with two peninsulas framing it.
  • The Strait of Ildial- A passageway of water in between Elone and Udai with incredibly dangerous and rough seas.

Eastern Elone

At the easternmost part of the continent is the area known as the Eastern Elone, called the Far East by those in the west for its perceived distance geographically and culturally from the west.   While the south-eastern part is desert and low mountainous terrain, the north-east is more hilly than desert. With a large mountain sitting right outside of the desert, and the most dangerous coastline in the world at its southern tip. To the very south of the easternmost point in Elone, just outside the city of Waterdeep, lies the Great Dip, a terrifying whirlpool known to kill all that enter. Beside the Far East, even further east, is an archipelago known as the Abral Islands, the residence of the Kamejin.
  • The Abral Archipelago- The islands where the Kamejin live, the Abrals are a closely-knit set of landmasses that are largely mountainous, with absolutely beautiful scenery.
  • Shinjima Island- A large, mostly uninhabited island full of horrible dangers. Most people that enter die or have no choice but to flee.
  • Jihdi Peninsula- The Peninsula for which the Jihdi Kingdom of Humans named their nation, populated mostly by Humans. It is largely hilly, with some mountains closer to the western portion.
  • The Celestial Palace- A large mountain just outside the desert, the titular palace sits atop it with many Verthica Draconians that reside in its halls.
  • The Great Dip- A giant whirlpool.
  • Deepwater- The submerged city, founded by Nereids and largely abandoned. The city is entirely submerged during most points in the day.
Eastern Elone

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