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Thicc Shrek

Thicc Shrek | Member Since 28 Sep, 2019
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Fionna took the kids and I ran out of years I'm legally allowed to be President of Far Far Away... all there was left to do was the only thing I had left... food.

Interests & Hobbies

I like to consider myself a food conossiour but my doctor says I shouldn't call myself things I can't spell.

Favorite Movies

2 Brothers.

Favorite TV Series

The Floppa show.

Favorite Books

Making Meth for Dummies really saved me financially.

Favorite Writers

Heisenberg. I really owe that guy for writing Making Meth for Dummies.

Favorite Games

Bible Black

Latest Loved work



Via Solaris

Aavar's River

Withering Sands

Lekagar, the Black River

The divine Basknut