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Thicc Shrek

Thicc Shrek | Member Since 28 Sep, 2019
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Fionna took the kids and I ran out of years I'm legally allowed to be President of Far Far Away... all there was left to do was the only thing I had left... food.

Interests & Hobbies

I like to consider myself a food conossiour but my doctor says I shouldn't call myself things I can't spell.

Favorite Movies

2 Brothers.

Favorite TV Series

Ant Wars. It's like if you put Space USSR next to the Imperium of Man, but then added more Space USSRs!

Favorite Books

Making Meth for Dummies really saved me financially.

Favorite Writers

Heisenberg. I really owe that guy for writing Making Meth for Dummies.

Favorite Games

Bible Black

Latest Loved work

Fools Rules

Zalem the Drunk Blight

Drowning Lily

Zare Masni


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