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The Alchemist Village

Tamd is a Draconian Settlement, known by many as the "Alchemist Village" Tamd is the center of the alchemical world and is home to the largest population of alchemists in the world. Almost every reknown alchemist has spent at least some time studying alchemy alongside the studious residents of Tamd. While Tamd would be considered on average to be one of the weaker Dracnoian Villages with unremarkable mages and combatants of middling strength, in trade its residents are on average often considered to be by far the most intellectual among their peers. The average Tamdian is anywhere from 8-11 feet tall, and the general population of Tamd is made mostly of Green and Brown Draconians, with Black and Red Draconians moving towards Tamd in more contemporary times, and with a small population of rare White Draconians who have lived in Tamd since it's founding

It is not uncommon for the academic valedictorian of most Magic College classes to be a resident from Tamd. Despite being so academically well-regarded, the people of Tamd are incredibly reclusive and often are antagonistic, competitive, and snobbish when approaching outsiders, this leads to a large disdain from outsiders when addressing people from Tamd especially true for those from Tamd's long-time rival:Ealla , leading to a poor reputation among most others. That being said most Tamdians are proud of their village and do not hide their origins despite the distrust and disdain that comes their way.


Tamd is the Fourth Draconian Settlement to be founded following Bortan, Evity, and being founded very shortly after Ealla. In Evity The ruling class believed simply in the basic study of Magic , but there were groups that wished to study the bardic arts or the alchemical practices. The Chief of the village refused, causing the other groups to split off and form their own villages. In -1757, The Bards Led by Shirthecmonis Eravarax were the first to Settle their village, and In -1756 the Alchemists, led by Colmiceth Nurdesh found a secluded Peninsula to study their Alchemy undisturbed. It was in these first few months that those in Tamd managed to make startling progress. Within just a few mere months the Tamdians had managed to master the process of brewing incredibly potent poisons and health potions, plus they made numerous alchemical discoveries.
Colmiceth Nurdesh by andreaspsillos4

Growing Pains

While the first few months were incredibly productive for the industrious new village, this progress came to a massive halt due to an external force. 3 Months After the Founding of Tamd, for the first and last time, a massive procession would make its way into the village of Tamd completely unannounced. This Procession was made of a massive roaming choir of Bards, assembled and led by Shirthecmonis Eravarax; the founder and first Chief of Ealla. The choir was created in hopes of showing the progress made by Ealla in their year of studying the bardic arts and was an attempt to foster better relations with the neighboring Draconian Villages, which had been relatively successful up until they reached the secluded Tamd peninsula. The Choir broke out into song and went on to perform a loud concert which could be heard throughout the entirety of Tamd. This concert lasted for about 2 hours until the intermission, whereupon finishing their performance, the entire concert was met with a cascade of booing, harsh invective, and from some of the more agitated alchemists, thrown explosion potions.

Following this disastrous intermission, the show was canceled much to the delight of the irritated alchemists and Shirthecmonis Eravarax asked for a meeting with Colmiceth Nurdesh. Legend has it that the following summit between the 2 went so disastrously that the Summit ended with the two chiefs wrestling one-another, and ended with Nurdesh losing hearing in one ear, and Eravarax nearly being strangled to death. Apparently, after this day, there had never been 2 people who loathed one another so fiercely, the rivalry between these 2 men became so legendary that it is still continued to this very day on a village-wide scale, with those in Tamd despising those from Ealla and vis-versa.

The Flames of War

Upon the end of this "Summit" that the choir of Ealla retreated back to their village to lick their wounds and mend their egos, about 3 days later a lone Bard made his way to Tamd and sang a Declaration of War in the form of a song supposedly composed by Eravarax, citing the casus belli as "purging and punishing such a poor audience" in an alliterated rap section of the song. Impressive alliteration aside, the Tamd Alchemists were unamused, and the least so was Nurdesh. Upon the declaration, Nurdesh's competitive side was completely unleashed, wishing for nothing more than to crush the forces of Ealla in their first war, and to outshine his newly acquired and hated rival, so in a fit of mad inspiration, aspiring to outdo Eravarax, he composed his own alliterated message, telling the Eallan herald to announce that he would "Perfectly prepare, and personally pulverize those pompous, performative, pricks."

Eravarax received Nurdesh's message, and further spited due to his admittedly rather well-alliterated response, he gathered his top bards and prepared to march south to meet Nurdesh's forces in Tamd. Unfortunately for Eravarax who was a straightforward man, he expected to meet the Tamd Alchemists in front of their village and have an old-fashioned battle. What he was met with instead was one of the craftiest and most renowned military acts in history as Nurdesh stood alongside the entire populace of Tamd with massive cauldrons. As the Eallan army advanced he began his crafty plan, after making another alliterated proclamation (He seemed to really be getting into it) "Now Perish in my Poisonous Peninsula, you perfidious performers!" As he shouted this proclamation the entirety of his forces unleashed the poisons they all had been brewing in their cauldrons, which all seeped out and took over the entire peninsula in front of Tamd, each Alchemist had brewed a unique poison in preparation for this plan, leading to poisons of all sorts seeping into the area around this peninsula, Poisonous gasses and liquids combined together and swirled around taking out most of Eravarax's forces, and leaving the entire peninsula completely impassible due to the massive cocktail of poison blocking the way. Upon witnessing this horrifying act, Eravarax conceded defeat but swore to take revenge on Tamd and Nurdesh, but unfortunately, he was never able to fulfill that wish of his.

The Poison Peninsula

  Following this war the Tamdians celebrated Nurdesh's wonderful plan which resulted in the swift defeat of their rivaled village, when discussing what to do with the poisonous peninsula, the city decided against removing it and instead resolved to create an antidote that would allow only Tamdians in and out of their village from that point on. Nurdesh then tasked every Alchemist with creating an antidote to their unique positions so that he could take them all and combine it into one simple formula which they could replicate and within a week the Tamdians were able to travel in and out of the peninsula with relative ease. After this it was decided upon as a Tamd tradition that each Tamd Alchemist, once they became old enough, would create a unique poison and antidote which would both be added to the peninsula/antidote. Because of this, with each passing year, the poisonous peninsula becomes even more deadly.

Naturally, as is the case with most great fortifications, there was one minor setback to the peninsula that stopped the Tamdians from leaving so often. Even though the Tamdians were immune to the poisons of the Peninsula due to their antidote, the poison would slowly dissolve and eat away at their clothes, meaning that the proud Tamdians would sometimes emerge on the world stage naked... This issue would persist for a few years into Colmiceth Nurdesh's chiefdom until the Alchemists of Tamd managed to find a material that was immune to the poisons, which was named Tamdcloth. Unfortunately for the alchemists of Tamd though, Tamdcloth was very rough, sandpaperlike Material, and while it could be circumnavigated on the upper half via cloaks and coats which could be buttoned or closed to cover clothing underneath and protect it from wearing away, there was no such solution for protecting their pants, this meant that for about 200 years the only solution was to wear Tamdcloth Pants, which chaffed everywhere and were universally hated by the residents of Tamd. This lead to an even further entrenchment of isolationism in Tamd due to the people of Tamd wanting to avoid wearing the Tamdcloth Pants. It was bad enough that some of those who had to leave Tamd, preferred to wear regular pants which would dissolve away over wearing such uncomfortable pants.

A Fashionable Solution

  Due to their circumstances and stubbornness, Tamd managed to do very little on the grand scale of Draconian politics, instead, the people of Tamd were happy studying Alchemy among themselves. very few people ever left Tamd for the Next 20 Years that Colmiceth Nurdesh was chief. Then, following his death, his appointed successor Vastineth Nimphonker took the reigns of Tamd. He too would do a well enough job as Chief, continuing the policy of Tamdian Isolation for the next 60 years, with each successor following in the footsteps of the last...Until one Alchemist would change the lives of those living in Tamd forever. In -1606 a young White Draconian Alchemist by the name of Aldecnuash Beldorin had studied alchemical practices like many of his contemporaries, but unlike many of those living in Tamd at the time, Aldecnuash desired for Tamd to be something more than just an Isolated village. Aldecnuash wanted Tamd's name to be known across the whole world, but he knew before he would go on to do such a thing, he needed to help the people of Tamd to become iconic and unmistakable. Thusly Aldecnuash began his plan, he himself had always had much notoriety due to his incredible sense of fashion and unique sense of style combined with his rare mutation as a white Draconian which made him stand out from most of those living in Tamd, and had won him the hearts of the women of his village. While many of his peers envied him, his hard work as an alchemist forced them all to at the very least respect him, he then used this position to help his peers and provide them with advice on how to dress and act as an alchemist.
Aldecnuash Beldorin by andreaspsillos4

Within the span of 5 years, Aldecnuash had grown and fostered an entire generation of well-dressed, and talented alchemists with himself at the forefront as their leader. This fashion revolution would soon begin to supplant the entire status quo of Tamd, as the miserly, rag-wearing nerds of Tamd were soon replaced by Fashionable, Black-cloaked, and well-dressed alchemists, who eventually came to be known under the stylistic title of "Chad Tamd Alchemists" with the word "Chad", being an anagram made from some of the letters from Aldecnuash's name (mainly due to the fact that Aldec, Nuash, and Aldecnuashian all were either too long or not catchy enough) . But this was only the beginning of Aldecnuash's brilliant plan, for while he had been fostering this new generation of Tamd alchemists, he had also been secretly working on a material that would be both comfortable to wear, yet resistant to the corrosive properties of the Poison Peninsula: Denim!! Through the simple process of spinning cotton into a yarn, dying it, and then using a slight magical infusion while weaving the material, he managed to create a material that was greatly increased in durability, comfort, and most importantly: corrosion resistance.

Thusly one morning in -1601, Aldecnuash had asked the current chief: Ancosh Uphal, to gather all of the Alchemists in front of the Poison Peninsula, then the entirety of Tamd watched as they saw a figure emerging from the Peninsula. It was none other than Aldecnuash Beldorin, but more to the surprise of everybody in attendance, he emerged from the poisonous mists wearing what seemed to be comfortable, and fashionable pants. The entirety of looked onwards in disbelief, the people of Tamd, who had been cooped up in their city for nearly 3 whole generations simply could not believe that it was even possible for somebody to do such a thing. It was at this moment that Aldecnuash took the citizens to his lab where he revealed that he had made Hundreds of these pairs of pants, which he had dubbed "Jeans" He handed a pair to everybody in Tamd, and he then led the entirety of Tamd, dressed stylishly and donning their new and iconic "Tamd Jeans" out of the Poisonous Peninsula. The few travelers who were nearby when this event occurred were utterly flabbergasted, remarking that an entire legion of well-dressed Draconians wearing strange, yet incredibly stylish pants emerged from the poisonous mists.

A New Era

Following this landmark event, the aged Ancosh Uphal would name Aldecnuash as his successor, citing his incredible resourcefulness, problem-solving skills, and leadership which he had exhibited over the past 6 years, and retired later that month after acknowledging that at this point, most of the people acknowledged Aldecnuash as their leader and respected his authority more than his own. Ancosh would retire to his Family's home and watch on as the new generation took the stage led by Aldecnuash, who was just starting his reign as the 15th Chief of Tamd.

Aldecnuash's first action as the Chief of Tamd only went to show just how great of a leader he was, extending an olive branch to the previous generation of traditional Alchemists by creating a process similar to the creation of denim, which allowed for Tamdcloth to be worn more comfortably, citing his reason as the protection of the old Tamd cultures and traditions, and promising that he wouldn't force anybody to adopt his new ways unless they wished to do so. This action immediately won him the trust of any critics who thought his radical ideas might erase the culture of Tamd, as he had sufficiently proven that he would acknowledge the concerns of all of the people of Tamd, and not only his Loyalists. Following this his critics would cease their resistance as they soon realized that Aldecnuash didn't want to Erase the culture of Tamd, but instead evolve it, and show it to the world, so he quickly gained their blessings and co-operation.

The Notable Figures and Families of Tamd:

Tamd like many of the Draconian settlements is steeped in a rich history, having existed for nearly 2300 years, but when perusing the history books, one may find themselves hearing the same few last names in Tamd no matter where they find themselves in these books. These names are often subject to change as some are occasionally added or dropped, but the marks these families have left in the history of this settlement remain the same and they are thusly acknowledged and noted here.
  Nurdesh: (Green Draconians) The Nurdeshes are one of the most prominent names in Draconian history due to their status as Nobility granted to them by Kilprax. While as time progresses the Nurdesh family has less to do with Tamd due to many joining their distant relatives in Zephys, their family and reputation are still greatly revered due to the initial founder of Tamd starting their dynasty. It should also be noted that the insult "Nerd" often used against intelligent people (especially those in Tamd) is actually derivative from the name Nurdesh, as an insult created by the bards of Ealla following their defeat against Nurdesh in the first Tamd-Ealla War in -1756. Notable Nurdeshes include:
  • Colmiceth Nurdesh: the Founder of Tamd and creator of the Poison Peninsula.

  • Eltec Nurdesh: The Chief of Tamd who agreed to align under Kilprax.

  • Crildruk Nurdesh: The only Nurdesh to reject Nobility status in order to stay in Tamd and continue their family legacy (All Nurdeshes living in Tamd are Descended directly from Cildruk's line)

  • Nyaldual Nurdesh: A Zephys Noble descendant of Eltec's younger son who personally ensured the destruction of the spell: Disintegrate following the death of Nawunax Valdacmith in -69, via killing the 5 Draconians who knew it, thusly keeping such a powerful spell out of the hands of others.

Nimphonker: (White Draconians) The Nimphonkers are one of the earliest Families of Tamd who can trace their ancestry all the way back to the founding of Tamd. They have a prominent reputation due to their Major involvement and contribution to Tamd politics in nearly every generation. Unlike many in Tamd, Nimphonkers tend to be one of the most powerful mages of their village at their time and are often involved in almost all Tamd conflicts due to their inclination towards combat and strategy (A rarity amongst most reclusive Tamd residents) Nimphonkers are noted to occasionally be incredibly large, with the average Nimphonker being around 12 foot tall, but some can be as large as 15 or as small as 10. This is again an Oddity due to the usual smaller stature of Tamd residents. Notable Nimphonkers Include:
  • Vastineth Nimphonker: The Second Chief of Tamd who set in motion the traditional Tamd ideal of isolationism. He also is known as the first Nimphonker, moving into Tamd during its founding at a young age, and starting the trend of Nmphonkers being involved in Tamd politics.
  • Cronxush Nimphonker: The Chief of Tamd who sent the first generation of Tamd students into the Magic College. He was notably outraged by the Final Tournament determining the Valedictorian, but also backed down when challeneged by Kilprax Ildial
  • Vilthac Nimphonker: Son of Cronxush Niphnker, and the first "Full Valedictorian" to graduate from the Magic college, being both academic valedictorian and winning the tournament due to his potent magic, intense study, and incredible strategy, he would go on to become the Cheif of Tamd 33 years later after Oldruuk Uphal died.
  • Ilxar Nimphonker: The Chief of Tamd during the Chief conflict who orchestrated the infamous 1-year long Seige of Zephys. He along with the other 4 chiefs involved in this conflict posed a final stand against Salasar Feaped in the arena of the Magic College resulting in all of their deaths.

Uphal: (Brown Draconians) The Uphals are often remarked as one of the most intelligent families in all of Tamd, because of this there is rarely a generation of Tamd in which the Uphals are not among the head Alchemists of Tamd, unlike the Nimphonkers, though, the Uphals are rarely ever involved in the direct fighting of conflicts due to their preference to stay behind and make potions and crafty plans. That being said, this is not due to a lack of strength on the end of the Uphals, as with their intelligence, they also often possess great magical skill. It is often because of this that whenever Tamd is involved in conflicts, the head of Garrison within Tamd is almost always an Uphal whose main responsibility is continuing alchemical research and brewing potions to provide to the alchemists on the frontlines, along with the responsibility of overseeing the defensive forces of Tamd in the offchance of an invasion, but due to the fact that Tamd has never dealt with a Full-scale invasion of their village, Uphals are very rarely noted in military history aside from minor footnotes. Because of this behaviour many view the Uphals as Cowards (especially those from Bortan) but the truth is that every good leader needs support from those who are willing to stay within the shadows: In the case of Tamd, these people are often the Uphals.
Oldruuk Uphal: The Successor of Eltec Nurdesh graduate of the class of -773, and first Academic Valedictorian of the Magic College who notably propagated the Tamd Isolationist tradition and aided in the decentralization of villages following the death of Kilprax Ildial. He also notably worked with Cruldor Daxur to plan a coup against Tobor Tuldadd, though he notably passed alongside Cruldor the night before their plans culminated
Vaphak Uphal: The head of the Uphal Family in 548, known as the second most influential person in Tamd, yielding nearly as much influence in the village as it's current chief: Higar Vixik.

Beldorin: (White Draconians) The Beldorins are an incredibly prestigious family in Tamd due to their founding being linked to the reknown Tamdian chief, entrepreneur, and alchemist: Aldecnuash Beldorin. In modern-day the Beldorins are known as the wealthiest (and often the most stylish) family in Tamd and often are seen heading the distribution and exportation of Tamdian goods including weaker potions, and of course, their chief accomplishment and signature product: Tamd Jeans. All Jeans are produced in facilities owned by the Beldorins, and due to their prestige, any Jeans or denim products produced outside of these facilities are viewed with the utmost disdain. It is often joked that the people of Tamd view fake jeans with even more disdain than witchcraft, but this is in fact no joke, as it is tantamount to spitting in the very face of Tamdian ingenuity and culture.
Aldecnuash Beldorin: The founder of the Beldorin Dynasty, who was reknown for establishing the "Chad Tamd Alchemists" along with inventing Denim,Tamd Jeans, and making many other minor alchemical accomplishments. He is quite possibly the most well-liked chiefs in all of Tamdian history, and unlike many of the others, due to his opening of Tamdian markets to the rest of Elone, his reputation is also well received by those outside of Tamd as well

It was following this that Aldecnuash would begin his next action, which was pushing for Tamd to begin selling their potions to merchants to distribute them across the world in order to build Tamd's reputation as the True center of alchemy within the world. Prior to this point, Tamd potions had only been used within the peninsula of Tamd, and thusly, very few people even knew of the Tamd Alchemists and their existence aside from impugned whispers of insult passed down by generations of Ealla bards. So Aldecnuash sent out Alchemists to sell their wares clad in their iconic and stylish alchemist outfits donning their cloaks, and well-fit jeans. In the next few years, Aldecnuash's plans would once again culminate in another success with Tamd's name very soon becoming synonymous with alchemy and potions, but strangely enough, Aldecnuash found himself perhaps a little too successful because the one thing he continuously got back from all of his alchemists was notes, bribes, and remarks about their jeans. Aldecnuash realized that he could use this opportunity to capitalize even further on his successes and decided to relent, starting the official export of Tamd Jeans.

Within the next few years Jeans exploded onto the scene, becoming an incredibly popular new fashion statement amongst Draconians. It even began making its way up north to the Dwarves and Goblins who found these fine-fitting pants especially useful due to their stylishness combined with their durability even some Elves would wear Jeans due to their comfort and style. From this point onwards, Jeans became a staple clothing article to many races within Elone, and would continue to be considered as such all the way until modern times. With more and more races coming into existence and adopting them. Now in 547 Jeans have made their way all over Totania, being especially popular with Korvians, Dwarves, Humans, Gnomes, and Halflings: who were so enthused about the Jean craze that they sought to make their own form of comfort-wear pants, resulting in the creation of Khakis.


The Beldorin Legacy

Aldecnuash Beldorin would continue to be the Chief of Tamd for the next 60 years until his death, whereupon his chosen successor Ancac Vorlin took upon the role as Chief of Tamd. Upon his death Beldorin and his family were greatly venerated, due to his massive contributions to Tamd. Because of this veneration celebrating Aldecnuash, the official colors of Tamd were made to be Black, Purple, and Green: The colors he chose to represent himself with in his style and the color White was added as a greatly respected color within Tamd as well due to him being a white Draconian. It is also because of Aldecnuash and his legacy, that all White Draconians are revered within Tamd, this only increased the standing of the already prestigious Nimphonker family, but it also gave a much-needed boost to the reputation to many future White Draconian alchemists

Enter: the Grand Wizard

  The next 800 years would go on to be rather uneventful for Tamd, they would simply continue business as per usual: studying alchemy, adding poison to the peninsula, and selling jeans and potions to merchants around the world. This would of course suddenly halt with the resurfacing of Kilprax Ildial in -799, who had recently finished his studies under Kath the Eternal: the Golden Dragon Lord. Once Kilprax announced his dominion over the Draconian Villages and showcased his immense power, there was little the current chief of Tamd at the time: Eltec Nurdesh, nor any of the other chiefs could do to oppose him. So they allowed him to establish his system and officially became the 1st Grand Wizard. 2 years later in -797 the Great Draconian Migration occurred and with it came the next of Kilprax's reforms, In which he asked that the families of the current chiefs join him in the newly settled city of Zephys as noblilty, and so Eltec Nurdesh's 2nd son and daughter moved away to join the nobility in Zephys, with only Eltec's eldest son: Crildruc Nurdesh electing to stay in Tamd in order to "Continue the legacy of their ancestors" as he stated.

The First Magic College Class

Oldruuk Uphal by andreaspsillos4
About 20 years later Kilprax Ildial would open the Magic college for the very first time, and had allowed each of the Villages to send Candidates to the very first Magic College class: the Class of -773. Due to their loyalty and co-operation with Kilprax, he allowed 14 of the 16 students to be hand-chosen amongst the notable families of the villages, with the only caveat being that one of the villages volunteer to send only 2 while the others send 3. Eltec's Successor: Cronxush Nimphonker who was the current chief following Eltec's death, voulenteered to only send the 2 citing that It would be unfair for 3 people from Tamd to attend considering the village's academic background. He had gone on record saying "It would only be fair to give the others a chance, lest we completely eclipse them any further" Cronxush went on to pick Crildruc's son: Cramtel Nurdesh, to reward Crildruc and his son for their loyalty to Tamd, along with his chosen successor, Oldruuk Uphal: an incredibly gifted alchemist and student, whom Cronxush cited as his "academic ace in the hole".

  By the time -773 rolled around, there were few surprises on the academic front, with Oldruuk and Cramtel taking the Valedictorian and Salutatorian spots for their grades. Oldruuk was especially well celebrated due to famously managing to never get a singular grade below a perfect score, but what came as a surprise to everyone in Tamd was the End of the year tournament when it was revealed that the "True Valedictorian" would be determined as the winner of the Tournament. Almost everybody in Tamd was incredibly upset: most of all were Cronxush and the impugned Oldruuk, but when they tried to dispute the matter, Kilprax asked Cronxush if he would like to settle their dispute over a dual. Naturally, Cronxush backed down and watched the Tournament take place begrudgingly.

Oldruuk managed to perform rather well, making it all the way up to the Semifinals due to the combination of his quick thinking, alchemy skill, and potent earth magic, but he found himself defeated before making it to finals when he was matched against Cruldor Daxur whose Overpowering Physical force and potent fire magic were simply too much for Oldruuk. Oldruuk would then go on to win his next 2 battles in the loser's bracket, only to have to fight Cruldor again, before the fight even began Oldruuk conceded admitting that he wouldn't be able to best Cruldor, stating that he was content with taking 3rd place. Cramtel performed well enough, winning his first 2 fights, but he then proceeded to lose his 3rd fight, and then immediately lost his loser's bracket fight, securing his position in 8th place.

Upon returning to he Magic college, Oldruuk and Cramtel were powerful beyond what any Tamdian would've ever thought possible. Due to the tutilage of the Grand Wizard and for a brief time, Kath the Eternal, even Cramtel, a middling performer in the class of -773 was leagues more magically powerful than Cronxush (who was known as one of the more powerful Nimphonkers in history up to that point) and while many people in Tamd didn't care to attain any magical power, the results from the Magic College spoke for themselves. With these results in mind, many of the more powerful families in Tamd sought to send their children to the college, with Cronxush sending his son Vilthac along with Lirud Baldrin to attend the Class of -769 and shortly resigning afterward to allow his protege, Oldruuk to take over as Chief of Tamd. With a family with a martial history, along with an incredibly lucky lack of fire mages in that year, Vilthac Nimphonker became the first Student to accomplish the feat of becoming what was called by those living in Tamd and eventually adopted by the rest who would achieve this, a "Full Valedictorian" winning both the final tournament along with being academic Valedictorian thusly starting Tamd's Academic dynasty within the college.

An Obsession

Cramtel Nurdesh by andreaspsillos4
With Oldruuk as Chief, Tamd would continue to achieve an almost complete grasp on the Academic Valedictorians for the next 36 years as Oldruuk wanted to continue sending "Tamd's best" to the college allowing the upper echelons of the village to continue growing in power. Oldruuk who had grown incredibly competitive over the magic college due to his "robbed title" of Valedictorian was completely obsessed with getting as many Tamdian students to the top of their class as possible. This competitive nature would drive Tamd to success until the Untimely death of Kilprax, which with the help of the elves, allowed for Tobur Tuldadd to become the second Grand Wizard. Tuldadd was from Ealla, and more importantly, Oldruuk's former classmate who was placed at the absolute bottom of their class both academically and in the tournament, whom Oldruuk personally beat within his first match 40 years ago.

Seeing Tuldadd being chosen Grand wizard over any of the current chiefs of the Time (all of whom were in the same class as him, and ranked much higher than Tuldadd) caused immense anger among all of the chiefs, but the 2 who were the angriest by far were Oldruuk, and his former foe, and the first Valedictorian: Cruldor Daxur, the chief of Bortan. Oldruuk and Cruldor spearheaded the movement against Tuldadd and both absolutely refuted all legislation passed by him. Due to Tuldadd's inability to enforce his rules, Oldruuk and Cruldor began slowly stringing their villages away from the near-absolute control that Kilprax had and ended up with basically how the villages operate today. Quickly the other villages began to follow suit until Tuldadd had basically no control over any of the villages aside from Zephys
Within the end of Tuldadd's first year as Grand Wizard, once it was time to welcome the Class of -733 he had made a massive reform which was considered by many to be his only good policy allowing other species aside from Draconians to attend the Magic College, but Oldruuk would soon grow to hate this policy, as with the inclusion of others the Draconian Villages would get less representation in the classes, and more importantly to Oldruuk, as he had seen in -773, his Academic winning streak had been broken, and by an Elf no less.

  This lead to Oldruuk fully losing his compliance and deciding to plan a coup against Tuldadd. He spent the remainder of -733 negotiating alongside his common ally Cruldor and by -732 Tamd and Bortan were poising for War but this was stopped when the 2 died on the same night from what appeared to be natural causes. It was following this that both of their successors, Vilthac Nimphonker and Tammoth Tazrinn, both the Valedictorians of their respective classes became chief on the same day with both calling off the plans of their mentors. To this day it is unknown what it was that caused the Death of these 2 chiefs, as both Tammoth and Vilthac swore emphatically that while they disagreed with declaring war on Tuldadd, they did not kill their chiefs. Following this, the 2 would go on to run their villages and further separate them from Tuldadd's power without war or conflict and went on their way without much incident.

A Witch!

Tamd would continue along with its business for the next 170 years, with Chiefs continuing their Isolation, hiding away while they export Jeans, Potions, and Magic College
Wiscys Nicandir by Jarhed
Students, this would continue until -567, when the 3rd Grand Wizard: Iorkul Kricel who was in attendance at the Magic College's End of Year Tournament mysteriously had all of his life force drained out of him. It was following this, that Wiskys Nicandr: the "full valedictorian" of her class is nominated by the nobles of Zephys to succeed the late Kricel. It was following this, that all of the successors including Wiskys would fight in a tournament to decide who would be the next Grand Wizard, Wiskys was undefeated until the last round when she faced off against the final contender: Laltiar Draxan who defeated Wiskys in a close battle, though about 1 week following said battle he mysteriously died, leaving Wiskys as the only candidate. Wiskys shortly succeeded the position and went on to do so with great support from Tamd, as the first Tamdian Grand Wizard. She would receive support from Tamd and their chiefs all the way until about 100 years after her death, due to the propaganda efforts of her successor: Nawunax Valdicmith who fearing the capabilities of Witchery, sought to put to a total stop of the practice, Tamd in compliance followed Valdicmith's demands and began to look disfavorably upon Witches.


Tamd Today

Ilxar Nimphonker by Jarhed
Due to Tamd's isolationist nature, very little is known about what has occurred in Tamd between the time of Wiskys and it's next major involvement in Draconian affairs: The Chief Crisis. During this time period, the current chief of the time: Ilxar Nimphonker would throw his hat into the war against Salasar Feaphed with yet another grand showing of Tamdian military tactics. Ilxar would go on to orchestrate most of the major occurrences of the war, being accredited as one of Tamd's most brilliant tacticians since Colmiceth Nurdesh. It was Ilxar who had started the siege on Zephys, effectively declaring the war by establishing a massive cage around the city thanks to the aid of Rharked the Rogue. He would then go on to consistently prod at the defensive forces of Zephys, constantly harrying and skirmishing with magic college students and guard proxied through his commanders and troops, of whom he allocated most of the finer details of the siege to, this would end up ultimately resulting in his downfall as he had overestimated the Loyalty of his commanders and underestimated the competence of the Class of 550. In the absence of his commanders, he would go on to finish the siege and ultimately begin the storming of Zephys which he had set up prior to the war on a certain date, resulting in a mass of all 6 opposing armies storming Zephys simultaneously in a massive free-for-all. This peaked when the 5 remaining chiefs in the conflict made a temporary truce in order to defeat Salasar, thanks to the plans of Tarthekar Padorim. Ilxar would watch as all 4 of his fellow chiefs fell before Salasar attempting to trade blows and whittle him down, eventually being the final to face off against the 64th Grand Wizard, in his final moments though, he had made a grave miscalculation which resulted in a waste of years of planning for the moment, when all 6 Dragon Eggs gifted to the villages by Salasar, were in fact revealed to be fakes to Ilxar who had calculated that they would hatch in that exact moment. Quick on his feet, Ilxar immediately sprung into action with another plan, quickly downing a vial of Burnout which would temporarily boost his power all the way to be on par with that of Ikkul Ravofarn,
Higar Vixik by Jarhed
in these fleeting last moments he launched a grand final stand against Salasar, but ultimately his efforts were for naught as Salasar was still able to overpower him and killed him in a moment which would forever be marked as the end of the Chief Crisis, as Salasar vanquished the Powerful Chief atop a massive tower of ice created by Ilxar, resulting in it's collapse and the abrupt end of a year-long conflict.

  Following His death, Ilxar's successor, and adoptive child: Higar Vixik was named the new chief of Tamd. Following the death of his father, Higar retreated to Tamd for a few months attempting to set affairs in order and continue the Tamdian ways of Isolation, until a Childhood friend and also newly appointed Chief of Bortan: Nalrik Tilrak requested a summit among the newly appointed chiefs and requested their aid in establishing a coalition for mutual protection. Strangely enough in a historically unprecedented moment, both Ealla and Tamd, were the only 2 villages to accept Nalrik's initial proposal. Since then Higar has been working closely with Vardid Liloryas and Nalrik to establish their Treaty organization known currently as Southern Elone Treaty Organization known colloquially as SETO. At the moment SETO's base of operations has been moved to Tamd as it serves as the most tactically sound position in Draconian Territory.

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