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The Bardic Village

Ealla is a Draconian settlement known for its roots in Bardic Practice, therefore giving it the nickname of "The Bardic Village." Most Bards that make a name for themselves end up spending at least some time training and studying in Ealla, or else in Ealla's major musical rival, the Gnomish city of Lebalos and their Bard College.   Lebalos is not, however, the major rival of Ealla. That is the Draconian village of Alchemists known as Tamd, an isolationist land that detests the loud, bombastic outgoing nature of Ealla.  


The Bards of Ealla came, initially, from the Village of Evity. Evity was one of two Draconian settlements, the other being Bortan.  
Shirthecmonis Eravarax by Jarhed
Bortan and Evity were split on two fronts. First, the worship of Phrixus and Helle. Second, Bortanni generally did not practice magic, while Evitians did.   However, many thought that Evity in its initial stages was not great for all mages, and therefore sought to split off to form Villages where they could better practice their techniques. A place where further study of more specific magical practices was not looked down upon.   The first one to suggest this was Shirthecmonis Eravarax, a Bard who did not think that Evity treated its musicians well.   Bards were loud, a vocal minority that was sick of how it was treated. Therefore, they were the first ones able to organize and begin the process of moving out of Evity.   Eravarax therefore led them across Lashmur Lake, to a land that was not too far. A land that still had many of the same resources, but was just a bit further South. A land that would, upon its residents settling down in -1757, become known as Ealla.  
Colmiceth Nurdesh by andreaspsillos4

A Rival Village

They were not the only Village to be founded. One year later, in -1756, a village of Alchemists came to be known as Tamd.   They, too, had split off from Evity, heading even further south to a peninsula that bordered the Great Sea and the Temple of Helle.   Ealla had no hard feelings to anyone, as they were happy that Evity let them leave, and therefore wanted to foster good relations with Tamd as well. So Shirthecmonis Eravarax led a procession, a marching band as it became known, into Tamd to show the progress they'd made, in hopes that Tamd would appreciate it, show them what they'd done in return, and foster strong diplomatic ties between the two Villages.   They put on a two hour show, and then at intermission, the bards waited for applause. Instead, they were met with boos, insults, and even explosion potions tossed at them. The Alchemists certainly showed them what they had learned, but it was not in the name of good relations. It was to get the Bards to stop.   The show was put to an end, and Shirthecmonis demanded a meeting with their Chief, Colmiceth Nurdesh. Colmiceth agreed, and it is said the summit went so poorly that Nurdesh lost hearing in one ear and Shirthecmonis was nearly strangled to death as the two ended up wrestling.   The hatred that erupted between these two men was so vitriolic that it has never been matched, and instead has grown to a Village-wide scale where their two respective settlements hate each other more than anything.  

The War of Music and Brew

What came from this was an event known as the War of Music and Brew, a battle between Tamd and Ealla. First, the Eallans retreated, then sending a lone bard to deliver a declaration of war that included a rap stating that they would be
"Purging and punishing such a poor audience."
— Eallan Declaration of War
Colmiceth Nurdesh, seeking to outdo his rival, wrote back an alliterated message saying he, in response, intended to
"Perfectly prepare, and personally pulverize those pompous, performative, pricks."
— Colmiceth Nurdesh
  Shirthecmonis was particularly upset at Colmiceth using aliteration against them. That was a Bardic weapon! So, he gathered his best bards and marched once more on Tamd, not for peace, but this time for war.   Shirthecmonis was prepared for an old-fashioned battle. Instead, the Tamdians were gathered with cauldrons, each containing a poison they had brewed individually, which they poured out onto the peninsula between the Eallans and themselves.   Many Eallans died in the poison, as Colmiceth yelled out:
"Now Perish in my Poisonous Peninsula, you perfidious performers!"
— Colmiceth Nurdesh
  Shirthecmonis knew when he had been bested, and ordered a retreat as Tamd was isolated from the world with a mix of all of their poisons.   He swore revenge, but never was able to carry it out, as he passed away not long after the war.  
Vemmuxileth Kiljhan by Jarhed

The Bardic Age

The Bardic Age began with the founding of Ealla, and the subsequent skirmish with Tamd. It is called such because there was no ruling force over the Villages, and the Bards believe themselves the most notable thing at the time.   The only thing that was consistent through this age is how the Villages told their tales. While Tamdians, Bortanni, and Evitians all wrote written histories, the stories between Villages were only told by Eallan bards and their songs.   Therefore, history was written by the Bards. Thus ushering in the Bardic Age.   It is bookmarked by two prominent Eallan Chiefs: Shirthecmonis Eravrax at the start, and Vemmuxileth Kiljhan at the end.   There would be about a thousand years of wars between Ealla and Tamd, and when there wasn't war, the two Villages competed in other ways, such as the Festival Ninatta.  
Kilprax Ildial by Jarhed
The final war of the Bardic Age was known as the Fermata War, a war that lasted three generations. No Tamdians or Eallans could end the war, until finally a man arrived to stop it.   Kilprax Ildial, a Draconian who had been studying under Kath the Eternal for around a thousand years, had come to announce his plans to unite Draconian Territory.   Eltec Nurdesh, Chief of Tamd, was hesitant, but the Chief of Ealla, Vemmuxileth Khiljhan, was ecstatic to agree, and ended the war in an instant. He was given a noble title, like all other Chiefs at the time, and became the first noble.   With that, Vemmuxileth abandoned Ealla, moving with others in the Great Draconian Migration to the city of Zephys.   Kilprax was not pleased that Khiljan abandoned Ealla, as the noble title was meant to be a way to unite the Villages, but now the noble of Ealla didn't even live there nor was he Chief. So he insisted that Khiljan create and sponsor a Festival to find rising young stars, the Khiljan Festival.  

The Class of -773

It is from this Festival that three rising young Eallans were chosen to attend the newly opened Magic College. The first was a promising young Bard named Driarderoc Wulvull, the second was Neforian Questus, and the final one was a rather underwhelming young man named Tobor Tuldad.
Driarderoc Wulvull by Jarhed
  Tobor Tuldad was chosen based on criteria that no one really understood. A man who didn't even study the Bardic Practices, many believe the higher ups of Ealla hoped this would set him straight.   Neforian was a winner of the Khiljan festival when they were very young, and was saved a spot for years.   Driarderoc, all the while, had won the -777 Khiljan Festival and therefore was sent to the Magic College later that very year. While everyone had placed much faith in Neforian, it was Driarderoc that truly exceeded expectations.   She was a promising student, but she clashed immediately with the top Tamdian prospect in her classs, Oldruuk Uphal.  
Oldruuk Uphal by andreaspsillos4
They were utterly incompatible in nearly every way. Perfect examples of an Eallan Bard and a Tamdian Alchemist, and of course, in their graduation tournament, the two battled.   Oldruuk managed to win only because he was incredibly cunning and intelligent, the smartest in the class. However, Driarderoc was avenged by Cruldor Daxur.   This trio became three of the most prominent Draconians of the era, alongside Kilprax Ildial himself of course, as they became Chiefs of their respective Villages with their classmates Laarthan Durzire and Aampeal Ildial.   Neforian Questus became the leader of the Chamber, a Bardic organization within Ealla, while Driarderoc led the Village as its Chief. Tobor Tuldad, all the while, fled to the Elves in Camor because of his embarassment having ranked last place in the class and being made fun of for his poor performance.  
Tobor Tuldad by Jarhed

The Draco-Elvish War

The Draconian Villages were united under Kilprax, and with Driarderoc in charge, she never went to war with Tamd. Certainly she and Oldruuk did not get along very well, but it was a rivalry that had no need to expand into war.   But war came anyway.   The Elves that Tobor Tuldad had fled to were not happy with the Draconians, as a man named Elnahil Shirno had heard from Tobor about the Magic College and, therefore, decided he wanted to attend to further his magical studies.   Shirno was rejected from the school, as Kilprax only wanted Draconians. Enraged, Shirno approached King Arazion Nerifir, who decided this was the perfect excuse to take over the Draconian lands as his own and expand the Elven Kingdom outside of the Elven Forest.

The Notable Figures and Families of Ealla

Ealla, like other Draconian Villages, has a rich history of nobility that has existed since the -700s with Kilprax Ildial's promotion of the Chiefs to nobility.   Children of Chiefs have their families promoted to nobility, but while in most other villages this breeds a sense of elitism and nepotism, Ealla has a creed of giving everyone a chance, which means more people from diverse backgrounds become Chief.   Due to this, Ealla has more noble families, which dulls the meaning to ultimately have very little purpose ultimately.   Therefore, the noble families listed here are only the most prominent and prescient names out of hundreds.   Kiljhan (Orange Draconians) The Kiljhan family were the first nobles of Ealla, a promise given by Kilprax Ildial as a tantalizing reason to unite the villages.
  • Vemmuxileth Kiljhan- Chief of Ealla during Kilprax's revelation and therefore was offered a noble title like all other Chiefs at the time. He accepted, and the Kiljhans moved to Zephys, remaining there.
  Eravarax (Black Draconians) The founders of Ealla, the Eravarax family has kept to itself, being rather humble about their role in the founding of Ealla, and refusing a legacy noble title, instead earning one by becoming Chief of the village at a certain point in time.
  • Shirthecmonis Eravarax- Founder of Ealla and one of the most well known Bards in history.
  Wulvull (Blue Draconians) Some of the most famous Chiefs, particularly for their role in the Draco-Elvish War and as part of the first Magic College class.
  • Driarderoc Wulvull- The 5th ranked student in the first Magic College Class and Chief of Ealla during the Draco-Elvish War, she was the first Eallan to work alongside Tamd rather than against them.
  Tuldad (White Draconians) The Tuldad family's reputation was stained by its most notable member, and while they are noble, few recognize them as such.
  • Tobor Tuldad- The 2nd Grand Wizard, who sold the Draconians out to the Elves and claimed responsibility for the death of Kilprax Ildial. Often called the most hated man in Draconian history.
  Wulfras (White Draconians) The Wulfras family had little notability until a certain man married into the family. His origins, likely noble, are unknown, but he raised the family to prominence once more.
  • Dranketh Wulfras- A man born into a different, unknown family, he married into the Wulfras family and became the Conductor of the Orchestra in Ealla.
  Zrarakas (Yellow Draconians) The Zrarakas family have a strong history in the group known as the Chamber, which supports indepndent mages.
  • Luciandrid Zrarakas- Leader of the Chamber in the mid 500s and staunch conservative politician, yet still a supporter of individual rights and art.
  Valpora (Blue Draconians) Much of their origins are unknown, but in the 500s they grew to prominence as one of the richest families in all of the Draconian villages.
  • Vriskemphilem Valpora- A Chief of Ealla during the Bardic Age, who started the Fermata War.
  • Vultas Valpora- The leader of Lap of Luxury, the Ealla branch of the Publicani, and richest woman in the Draconian Villages in the 500s.
  Padorim (Black Draconians) The Padorim family were raised to nobility as freedom fighters and warriors of equality, but their reputation took a nosedive by partaking in and leading the Chief Crisis.
  • Tarthekar Padorim- Chief of Ealla during the Chief Crisis, uniter of the villages against Salasar Feaphed.
  • Donxosir Padorim- Tarthekar's son and one of the Bortan Orphans of legend that were raised by Nalrik Tilrak.
  Vracrath (Blue/Black Draconians) A family of freedom fighters, led by the Ice Queen who is said to have been the loudest voice for equality in the world. The family originated in Evity, but moved to Ealla when Kaltoth Vracrath settled down there.
  • Vardid Liloryas Vracrath- Known as the Ice Queen, Vardid was Chief of Ealla in the mid 500s and was said to be one of the greatest and most prominent heroes of the era.
  • Kaltoth Vracrath- Chief of Evity in the mid 500s, Kaltoth gave up his position to move in with his wife Vardid.
  • Ralpoh Vracrath- While living in Ealla, Ralpoh still continued practicing necromancy, continuing teachings from a man he knew in Evity and founding a practice of necromantic bardic practice.
  • Huithol Vracrath Tilrak- Daughter of Vardid and Kaltoth, Huithol would marry into the Tilrak family, both her and her husband Memmas being prominent bards of their time.
  Tilrak (Blue Draconians) Technically a Bortanni family, a branch of the Tilrak family moved to Ealla, and while often branch families are not given much attention, this branch led to a Chief of Ealla and, then, Grand Wizard, leading them once more to prominence. However, as in Bortan, the Tilraks are banned from the Noble Council despite their noble status.
  • Memmas Tilrak- The first Tilrak to move to Ealla, he disregarded his warrior heritage to take up Bardic Practice.
  • Ardar Tilrak- The Bard, also known as the 69th Grand Wizard, Ardar created the Age of Prosperity by leading the forces of the world in the Draqiroth War.
  Shinebright (Human/Elvish/Half-Elvish) One of the most notable families in Eallan history is that of the first non-Draconian Chief, Sirlini Glirdog. Sirlini did not take her husbands name, but she married Olmand Shinebright and had two Half-Elven children. While few truly understand it, those children are Draconian nobility.
  • Sirlini Glirdog- First non-Draconian Chief of a Draconian Village, also known as the Comedian for her cruel jokes and penchant for comedy.
  • Panavor Shinebright- First son of Sirlini Glirdog, was killed by the Korvian Prince Stomper.
  • Finethir Shinebright- A Half-Elven enchanter who started a successful ketchup company and sought equal rights for Half-Elves.
  • Valfarin Shinebright- First son of Finethir and Lorakaen Shinebright, an Elven boy who was skilled in necromancy and tricks.
  • Raelia Shinebright- A human girl with a penchant for pranks and Puppetry, it is said she takes after her grandmother Sirlini in ways that terrify many.
  • Altora Shinebright- A prominent Elven necromancer and daughter of Valfarin Shinebright who was on Ardar Tilrak's advisorial council and ran a funeral business known as Corpse Rising.
Inhabitant Demonym
At this point, Ealla had strange relations with Elves due to the goings on of Elven Opera, an ordeal that the Elves and Eallans had gotten themselves in a conflict over for a short time.   But when the war kicked off, Driarderoc was one of the first to come to the aid of another Village, leading her forces to protect the village of Yirthum.   Before they could leave, however, they were ambushed by the Elves, led by the Captain Driot of the Third Corps of the Elven Guard stationed himself outside of Ealla and began an assault.  
Elnahil Shirno by Jarhed
The Tamdians left Ealla out to dry, even sending some of their own soldiers to hinder Eallan efforts or fight Eallans themselves.   Driarderoc fought with spectacle over power, and it didn't do well for her at the start of the war. Not until Kilprax Ildial intervened and convinced his people in a rousing speech to work together to defeat the Elves.
"Of course your village will be destroyed. It would have been if you were there, as well. But it doesn't have to be. We are not each a resident of our village and our village alone. I am not Evitian, and you are not Tamdian. You are not Bortanni, or Eallan, or a Yirthumite. You are Draconians... so act like like it. Act together. That is how we win, not divided, but united as one people!"
— Kilprax Ildial
  Despite their differences, Oldruuk and Driarderoc were able to come to a consensus and work together. For the first time in history, Tamd and Ealla teamed up and worked on the same side.  
Arazion Nerifir by Jarhed
Driarderoc led her Eallan forces past the Poison Peninsula of Tamd, facilitated by Oldruuk, and with the two forces waiting behind an untreadable ground, they were able to easily push back the Elven forces and kill Captain Droit.   As a team, Eallans and Tamdians were unstoppable.   This didn't last forever, as Yirthum, the Village that stood for Draconian unity, was taken out around the same time that Kilprax Ildial was killed. Elnahil Shirno died alongside him, and Tobor Tuldad was the only one present who survived. Therefore, he claimed to have done it, and the Elves backed his claim, taking over Zephys and placing him on the throne as the second Grand Wizard.  

The Failure

Ealla was responsible for Tobor, even if it was Arazion Nerifir that supported his claim to the throne. They had a falling out with Tamd, who blamed Ealla for Tuldad's failures, and Driarderoc ultimately fell into a great depression.   She wrote songs praising the heroes of the war, her friends, classmates, mentors, and mentees. Tobor Tuldad and the Elves tried to stop her, but she refused any pleas from them.
"I am not yours to order around. You may hold his title, Tobor, but you are not the Grand Wizard I swore to follow."
— Driarderoc Wulvull
  Tobor would go on to be called the worst Grand Wizard in history, even worse than those that took over during the Grand Wizard Struggle. His incompetence came out as downright malicious, even if it wasn't intended to be. All of this, again, reflected incredibly poorly on Ealla, who made it a general rule of practice to try and stay away from the Grand Wizard title after this due to Tobor's negative reputation.  
Sirlini Glirdog by Jarhed

The Comedian

In the year 498, two prominent Eallans were being considered for the position of Chief. First among them was Ildid Alidorim, a Draconian Bard. Second was Sirlini Glirdog, a Human Comedian.   Sirlini was not truly being considered. It was a joke done by the Chief at the time. Ildid was given the title, as a promising graduate of the Magic College.   However, it was only a year prior that Ildid had met the love of her life, Fepar Tilrak, who she decided to move in with so she could focus on family and her artistic pursuits. With no one else to give the title to, she passed the Chief position to Sirlini Glirdog.
Ildid Tilrak by Jarhed
  As Chief, Sirlini passed two types of legislations. The first were jokes with no overall purpose other than to either make people laugh or annoy them.   However Sirlini did have reasons for this, beyond just her desire to see people laugh. The more people thought of her as just a comedian, the less they took her serious policies seriously.   This way, it was much easier to sneak things past her detractors, who would just call anything she did a joke. Therefore, she could set a precedent without them even noticing.   The second type of legislations she passed were very serious. Growing up in Ealla, she had faced legal discrimination, since most laws were made only for Draconians in all of the Draconian Villages. Humans or anyone else living in Ealla, Tamd, Bortan, or anywhere else in Draconian Territory were, then, ignored by the laws.
Tarthekar Padorim by Jarhed
  Sirlini's major legislation, then, were equality bills that made Humans, Elves, and all other sapient species legally on the same ground as Draconians. Citizens, able to have a say in the government, able to run for office, able to pay taxes and buy property. While these hadn't been prohibited, they were now legally allowed.   Sirlini Glirdog, then, became the leading figure for equality in all of Draconian History.   She passed that title, along with the Chief position, to a Draconian that many underestimated. A mutated Draconian named Tarthekar Padorim, who wanted to spread equality all around Draconian Territory.  

The Chief Crisis

Tarthekar was swayed by witnessing the 520 Massacre, and therefore agreed to an offer from the World Court to help them in exchange for becoming Grand Wizard.   Tarthekar did not have lofty goals of leading like the other Chiefs who agreed to this deal. He just wanted enough power to bring equality to the people.   However, all other Chiefs, save for Otikul Nurdesh of Dembar, participated in the same deal and therefore all of them, at the same time, began a war called the Chief Crisis.
Kicad Bavul by Jarhed
  Much to Tarthekar and his soldiers disappointment, Ilxar Nimphonker of Tamd had taken his forces too far for Ealla to follow for a prolonged time, so instead, Tarthekar turned his sights on another Chief: Kicad Bavul of Yirthum.   The Yirthumites and the Eallans battled on and off during the war, with Kicad eventually leading a raid that had Vodron Nutsk burn down half of Ealla.   But Tarthekar got the last laugh as he convinced Kicad and all the other Chiefs to team up with him to kill the Grand Wizard, Salasar Feaphed. This way, they could fight after the main goal was completed.   In their fight against Feaphed, Tarthekar was killed first, and soon after, the war ended with all of the Chiefs dead and new Chiefs filling their places. New Chiefs who were more sympathetic to Salasar and Draconian unity in general.  

The Southern Elone Treaty Organization

Vardid Liloryas Vracrath, the adopted daughter of Tarthekar Padorim, was given his position. She had been an exceptional bard, known as the Ice Queen, for her whole life, and was already considered one of the greatest Draconian talents of the generation, and she had only just turned 30, so there was still much room for her to grow.
Vardid Liloryas Vracrath by Jarhed
  She was invited to Bortan not long after becoming Chief. Alongside her, the other Chiefs were invited. Otikul Nurdesh, Jargar Eltan, and Vardid's childhood friends Coldrid Saxan and Higar Vixik.   This invitation was sent by her other childhood friend, the new Bortanni Chief, Nalrik Tilrak. Nalrik wanted to prevent another Chief Crisis and, therefore, unite the Villages. Jargar was unable to attend, and Otikul immediately declined the offer.   Coldrid Saxan, however, did more than decline. He told the other Villages not to bother, and that he would be the only one to lead the villages into the future. That Evity would herald in a new era for the Draconians.  
Nalrik Tilrak by Jarhed
Evity attacked this new Southern Elone Treaty Organization, but they fought back. Eventually, the group gained the support of Yirthum and Dembar.   More than that, they started with three Villages in an alliance. Bortan at the helm, leading Ealla and Tamd. The first time since the Draco-Elvish War that the two rival villages worked together, all because of Vardid's old friend, Higar Vixik.   Working together, again, they were unstoppable, and in the Battle for Southern Elone, they won with ease, bringing Evity into the Southern Elone Treaty Organization.   While this alliance didn't last for much longer, it was long enough to make history and show that these Villages could work together for the betterment of their nation and their people, even if the Tamdians and Eallans saw themselves as entirely different nations and people altogether.
Higar Vixik by Jarhed
  Tamd broke off from the alliance upon the death of Higar Vixik, and other Villages would follow.   It is said that by the 700s, all that remained of the Southern Elone Treaty Organization was Ealla, Ilder, and Waire, two villages that were founded not long before the creation of SETO. Dembar left because of the actions of Otikul Nurdesh at the Coup of Zephys, Evitians found ways to sneak out of the alliance, Bortanni warmongers broke the principles and therefore were kicked out by votes from the others, and Yirthum was forced out by the Elven crown.  
The Mighty Herald by Jarhed
Ealla was pulled into many problems with SETO due to Ilder and Waire's borders with the Elves as well as unstable leaders like the Mighty Herald of Ilder, but still it refused to leave the Organization, as they believed in the principles the SETO Accords spoke of, even if it was now more idealistic than realistic.  

The Paragons of Unity

The 900s brought about great change, all initially heralded by that very man who brought trouble before: The Mighty Herald.   When he became the 66th Grand Wizard, his cult, the Paragons of Unity, grew to immense prominence, and people from all over Draconian Territory and Totania itself fell into its trap.   Eallans in particular were susceptible, as allies of Ilder already and as proponents of Draconian Unity through the Southern Elone Treaty Organization. This meant that a large portion of Eallans became cultists of the Paragons of Unity, though it is not to say that it was only Eallans, as there are many prominent non-Eallans in the cult, like the right-hand of the Herald, the Tamdian known as the Jackal.
Ardar Tilrak by Jarhed
  But this led to great troubles as most people now dedicated their lives to the idea that all people existed to serve one great unified purpose. That all of them were one being, a lie that the Herald had proposed to give himself more power. Struggling economies led to great decline around Draconian territory, making more people rely on the Herald.  

The Bard

What it also did, however, was lead to many Eallans in particular getting incredibly poor. None suffered more than the once prominent Tilrak family, driven to poverty and forced to do anything they could for money.   Arqull Tilrak gambled away all of his money in the hopes of growing his wealth, and his wife Aldod Tilrak was forced to work less than savory jobs to pay for their living expenses. Eventually, Aldod left, and Arqull felt he could do nothing but make his son into the best bard in hopes of growing wealthy.   Ardar Tilrak was not very skilled as a child, and therefore his father was incredibly harsh to him, eventually hiring an old bard from Lebalos to teach him. She killed Arqull and cursed Ardar so that he did get the skill Arqull wanted, but the moment he picked up his instrument, he lost his sight forever.   Even with this cursed handicap, Ardar was at least able to use his skill to gain some prominence before he attended the Magic College Class of 936. Here, he had a great rival: Rhoziros Nimphonker of Tamd.  
Rhoziros Nimphonker by Jarhed
The two became most famous for their rivalry. There was no Ardar Tilrak without Rhoziros Nimphonker, nor was there Rhoziros Nimphonker without Ardar Tilrak. The two have been noted to be the greatest in their respective fields not just of that era, but in all of history. Thus, Rhoziros Nimphonker was called the Alchemist and Ardar Tilrak was called the Bard.   Ardar became Chief of Ealla after graduating from the Magic College, but it was at great risk. The Mighty Herald had died thanks to Ardar, Rhoziros, future King of the Elves Vaxidor, and the Herald's successor, the 68th Grand Wizard Draqiroth Lealred.   Draqiroth was a Draconian nationalist intent on declaring war on the world to prove the might of the Draconians. Ardar disagreed with this and, with a few other villages, broke away from Zephys's authority, leading a separate Draconian nation for nearly 30 years.   The Villages that worked alongside Ardar were Ealla, Tamd, Waire, and Dembar, becoming a nation known as the Unified Southern Elone States after the ancient SETO group that Ealla and Waire were still part of.   This was until the Draqiroth War, where Ardar Tilrak allied with the entire world against the Draconian Villages. Rhoziros Nimphonker led an army to Ealla, but Ardar Tilrak didn't field a single Eallan in that war. Instead, he dealt with Rhoziros's army singlehandedly. When Draqiroth died and the war ended, Ardar was considered the most powerful and prominent Draconian in the world.   The Grand Magic Tournament was organized to determine the next Grand Wizard, which Ardar won, becoming the 69th Grand Wizard and passing his position of Chief to Memtel Padorim.   Ardar would go on to advocate for peace and finally reconcile the Eallan grudge with the Grand Wizard position that Tobor Tuldad had caused. No longer did they fear becoming Grand Wizard, because Ardar showed the good that could be done.

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