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Ealla is a Dragonborn settlement, also known as the Bard Village. As the name implies, it is the home of the Dragonborn bardic population, the second highest population of Bards in Totania.   Its major bardic rival is the Gnome settlement of Lebalos, the Gnome capital itself which lies not far from Ealla. Lebalos is the home of the Bardic College, which residents of Ealla consider a slight against their own skill as Bards.  


Ealla was the third Dragonborn village to be founded. After Bortan, the village of Evity was founded. In Evity, tensions rose from different groups who wished for the village to take a certain direction. The ruling class believed simply in the basic study of Magic, but there were groups that wished to study the bardic arts or the alchemical practices. The Chief of the village refused, causing the other groups to split off and form their own village. One, the alchemists led by Colmiceth Nurdesh, and the other, the Bards.  

A New Village

The bards were led by Shirthecmonis Eravarax, who settled on the other side of Lashmur Lake from Evity.
South Elone
This is the Southern section of Elone, featuring much of the Dwarven Kingdom, the Elven Empire, and the Dragonborn settlements.
  In their new village, Shirthecmonis led the them in daily song. They practiced music together, learning that it could create a new form of magic that seemed unreachable to other mages. Magic created through word was something special, something that broke limits that simple magic that came from the mind was unable to do.  

A Noble Effort

Shirthecmonis led for a long time, until his eventual death and replacement by the hands of Vemmuxileth Kiljhan. Vemmuxileth built the stage in Ealla, and started the tradition of music festivals, which gained many tourists for Ealla. Eventually, this would lead to the first Grand Wizard, Kilprax Ildial, finding him and asking him to join the folds of Dragonborn society.   Vemmuxileth was offered to become a noble in the Dragonborn capital of Zephys, and he agreed instantly, abandoning Ealla.  

The Next Grand Wizard

Ealla was relatively quiet for a while. They held festivals, and were a popular tourist attraction, but little else happened. That is until Brenvorth Taldis was born.   Brenvorth Taldis was born in Ealla, but was raised in the village of Yirthum. Despite this, when he ascended to the position of sixth Grand Wizard, he credited Ealla as his home. They disowned him, as he was not a bard, but still gladly took credit for his achievements. The Draconis Calendar he created is attributed to Ealla, as well as Bortan. This is due to the achievements of Taldis's sucessor who perfected the calendar, Perzita Theldrar.   Taldis would make appearances at the festivals in Ealla, though he was never allowed to perform. A statue of him was built right outside of the village, as the Bards were too petty to build it inside. He had a one-sided feud with the Chief at the time, Nyildishtendath Wurinn, who considered himself a rival to Brenvorth. Brenvorth, on the other hand, just viewed Nyildishtendath as a friend.  

A Disappointment

Ealla was disappointed when Brenvorth resigned as Grand Wizard when he fought Theldrar. Yet they would soon find that he was not the most disappointing Grand Wizard to result from their village.   During The Grand Wizard Struggle, many of the Grand Wizards were weak and relied on gimmicks. One of these was a famed Dragonborn comedian, known as Vimbisb Baxcol
Vimbish Baxcol by Jarhed
Vimbis was prolific for his comedy, which everyone said was "contrived" "bland" and "unfunny." He relied far too heavily on flashy magic and large set-up with little pay-off.   Baxcol, however, had dreams to be Grand Wizard. He also had dreams of making people laugh, harder than they had ever laughed before. He wanted to be known by a Dragonborn title of the Funster.   He used his knowledge of enchanted items, as well as a trip to Yirthum, to create the Really Funny Hat. With this, when he put it on, he could make those around him laugh. It was a dream come true.   Baxcol approached the 18th Grand Wizard, Clothtas Frofarn, and made him laugh uncontrollably. He made him laugh until Frofarn fell to the ground. He made him laugh until Frofarn could no longer breathe. With that, Clothtas Frofarn was dead, and Vimbish Baxcol took his place.   Baxcol, however, did not last long. He found that people only laughed at him when he wore the hat, and began to believe it was not a blessing, but a curse. Still, he enjoyed being Grand Wizard, and had an airtight item to keep himself safe. That is, until someone hit him with a long range ice spell, out of range of the hat, killing him instantly.  

The Comedian

A major figure in Ealla history, the Comedian was born in Ealla under strange circumstances. The Human family known as Glirdog was traveling through Dragonborn territory, led by a Gnomish tour guide Zefsica. However, when they stopped in Ealla, the parents fell ill. The father passed first, leaving the mother to bear the child and then, soon after, pass. Sirlini Glirdog, thusly, was raised by a sort of older-sister figure in Zefsica, who decided to settle in Ealla.   Zefsica was a brash person, and Sirlini grew up wanting to make her smile. For this, Sirlini loved to tell jokes. She even managed to find the Really Funny Hat, and used it to try and make Zefsica laugh. It worked, but always felt shallow.  
Zefsica by Jarhed
Zefsica made it to the Magic College, but Sirlini sadly was never able to attend. She was too weak a mage. So while Zefsica and her classmates traveled the world, fighting Dragons and doing other such quests, Sirlini used the hat she found to make a change.   She began calling herself by a Dragonborn title, the Comedian. She became the first, and only, Chief of a Dragonborn Village to not be a Dragonborn, and created a festival in her honor to welcome non-Dragonborn to Ealla. She was a popular figure, despite her bad jokes, and has a name well known throughout Totania even after her death.  

After the Struggle

By the end of the struggle, Tarthekar Padorim had taken over as Chief. He sold the Really Funny Hat, and took in a young Vardid Liloryas. Vardid, numb to the world around her, became known as the Ice Queen, while Tarthekar was feared for his appearance.   Tarthekar took in some interns, notably ones like the Ba'al Street Stock Trader Mastema, the leader of the Abandoned Monsters Ummum, and the Kenku Older. With them, he declared war on Grand Wizard Salasar Feaphed, alongside the other Chiefs, to begin what was known as the Chief Crisis. All of the Chiefs battled it out to determine who would kill Salasar and become the next Grand Wizard.   Ealla was the most active force in this war, fighting a war on many fronts, as they were surrounded by villages on every side. They suffered heavy losses, but Tarthekar still held a firm shot at winning the war. He had to. Otherwise, he would never be able to prove that he was a kind soul simply born with an ugly face.
Inhabitant Demonym
Characters in Location
Notable Figures
Brenvorth Taldis by Jarhed
  • Shirthecmonis Eravarax- The founder of Ealla, who came from Evity.
  • Vemmuxileth Kiljhan- The Chief of Ealla during the time of Kilprax Ildial. He was promoted to the rank of noble and abandoned his village.
  • Brenvorth Taldis- The 6th Grand Wizard, who created the Draconis Calendar.
  • Vimbish Baxcol- The 19th Grand Wizard and inventor of the Really Funny Hat.
  • Tarthekar Padorim- The Chief of Ealla during the Chief Crisis, he rebelled against the Grand Wizard
  • Vardid Liloryas- The Ice Queen, a student of Tarthekar Padorim's and famous musician.
Vardid Liloryas by Jarhed


Ealla is a popular tourist spot, known for its beautiful music and large music festivals.
These festivals allow for Ealla to be the center of tourism in Dragonborn lands, beating out even the largest city in the world, Zephys. People from all over Totania flock to Ealla to see the festivals and partake in the culture.


Ealla has many festivals that make it famous.   There is, of course, the Kiljhan Festival, named after the Chief that began the festivals and met Kilprax Ildial. This festival is meant to show off Dragonborn talent from Ealla, and thusly doesn't allow anyone else to participate.   Next is the Grand Wizard Festival, in which Dragonborn from all villages can participate. This festival is popular with people from Tamd, who want to show those Ealla Bards they are better. A Tamd resident has never won this festival.   Finally in the major festivals is the Festival of Sirlini. This is a festival open to all races, named after a Human resident of Ealla who opened them up to the possibility of others participating in festivals. She was also known as the Comedian.
Sirlini Glirdog by Jarhed

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